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    Tick Tock CRASH

    the game is crash after 5 to 10mins, its like you added a timer for it to crash for me. I could be playing a game, or just be on the main menu, it will freeze. I have to do ctrl alt delete everytime. Iv yet to play the game without crashing since i did the update today. One time it took only 2 mins to crash, I clicked on Multiplayer on the main menu then clicked Server Browser, I crashed, here is the info i saw after i ended Arma program through ctrl Alt Delete if it helps- https://i.gyazo.com/7ea2cc1080c9cd8ae29edbcd8344f6d2.png Exit code- 0xCFFFFFFF - STATUS_APPLICATION_HANG OS 64BIT: TRUE Process 64bit: FALSE Culture: en-US