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  1. can you help me with this please
  2. yeah and thing is that I just want they to move on the same waypoint
  3. I know that, but the thing is that the civilian cars are going on circle and they are on different places on the map (like highway) and when I do like you said they are "confused" and tend to get to the "leader" first and do not follow the road.
  4. Hello chaps, I'd like to use one waypoint for several civilian vehicles. Can you tell me how to that? Thanks
  5. GioLabo


    I have it as well but no use... the mission is failing. maybe I'm doing something wrong...
  6. GioLabo


    I tried that as well but no use... still "mission fails" after death I don't know what to do more :( Here are the mods I'm using for editor
  7. Hello one more time chaps, The reason I'm disturbing you today is that I can't make respawn place. Every time I die the mission fails and I have to start it from the beginning but I'm peaty sure I made everything right. 1. Placed the playable characters 2. Made the empty marker and named it respawn_west ("west" - because I'm playing with NATO forces) 3. Opened the attributes > multiplayer and configured the "Respawn on Custom Position" It still doesn't work. Can anyone advise me something?
  8. GioLabo

    Mobile HQ Script

    you are always ready to help me right :)))) thanks bro
  9. Hello chaps, Currently now I'm trying to make a mobile HQ which will help me to spawn on the car via flag on the base. I can't figure out the script and the steps of creating the mobile HQ. Please help me and tell me how to
  10. GioLabo

    Unit gear save script

    I tried that... didn't work :(
  11. Hello chaps I'm not really good in scripting. I just started to create custom missions in Arma 3 so I need your little help. What I'm trying to do is to save the exact loadout on unit after death and respawn with same gear. can somebody tell me how to do that?
  12. GioLabo

    only pilots fly

    oh thanks bro, Now I hot it
  13. GioLabo

    only pilots fly

    and where should I put it or place the name of pilots?