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  1. gangman18

    Faces of War [WW2]

    this is a rad fucking update my dudes.
  2. for the custom missions i mean mcc,alive or DRC or DRO they dont pop up and the afrika are seen as green and on some of them the 101st and 82nd dont pop up and if they do only the 101st pop up and not the 82nd.
  3. so when using a custom mission the 101st and 82nd dont pop up as a faction and the dutch afrika corp pop up as independent is that a mod problem or mission problem? also the m3 half-track doesn't drive in a straight line it curves to the left like some the american tanks.
  4. gangman18

    Faces of War [WW2]

    hey if you guys need help with tank models then why dont you use War-Thunder as a frame of reference im not saying steal assets im just saying use them as a frame of point not saying steal assets but War-thunder is pretty accurate with there tank models also just wanna say this one more time to make it clear not saying steal assets.
  5. gangman18

    Faces of War [WW2]

    so are you guys also going to doing airborne stuff too or is no cause the IFA3 team has already done it
  6. well i dont have Achilles enabled so its not that i dont even have it in my load order so im pretty sure its not that but i do have the paradrop infantry option
  7. well i use the rhs waypoint which means you need the rhs mods but is under advanced waypoints and its called infantry paradrop i think.
  8. here's some more pics i made feel free to use them as examples just give credit heres a question for all of you Ist das wermacht gut ja oder nein? du entscheidest!
  9. gangman18

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Heres a screen shot i made.
  10. how about a foxhole for city's dirt center surrounded by concrete blocks
  11. gangman18

    Faces of War [WW2]

    its soo beautiful i can almost see italy
  12. this also happens with mcc where they show up as independent and also the 101st and 82nd dont even show up for the mcc so i dont know if its a mission problem or a IFA3 problem.also im using DCO and DRO by mbrdmn.
  13. heads up i felt like a shitty person for writing this DISREGARD THE FLAG THING so whats the next step now are you going to keep adding things to the Americans or bug fixes cause the tiger tilts right when driving it and all the new american tanks tilt right and have a weighting issue that why the freak out when you go too fast just ask the CSA38 people what they do to make there tanks so stable i know i'm being nit picky and every thing but the tank tilting right thing just bothers me so much and that flag on the US M-43 and 42 also look really out of place due to the fact that there really low poly.. sorry i honestly feel like a shit person for typing this.
  14. its the vehicles and the tanks still tilt to the right when driving Americans tanks the new ones