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  1. Can someone make a Patrol Ops where I can use the Arma 3 Virtual Arsenal with every gun inside it along with anyone using a vehicle? Thanks!
  2. I can't seem to edit the PO3 on ArmA 3. Can you help me?
  3. cigarette_bear


    Hey, I got the WW4 working for Zeus but is there a respawn or revive script for this?
  4. cigarette_bear

    23rd Realism Regiment

    Hey, you guys got a missions list? I would like to download some missions for the 23rd Realism Regiment please! :D
  5. cigarette_bear


    @Macser Where do I find this? Can you teach me how? I'm pretty new to scripting and editing missions. lmao plez help.
  6. cigarette_bear


    Yo. @akvadakar You may not see this but I would like to question, how do I change class names in init.sqs file for WW4. Can you teach me how?