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  1. NecroBarl


    Ok, so I see how to set up an exile server, etc. I'm still new to coding and sqf and all that, so my only question is, how did you add ravage into Exile? Do you use a pbo unzipper to extract your Exile info, edit it in Eden editor with the ravage modules? Or is it not as simple as that? Haleks, I love the work you've done for this mod. My question is about the saving system. Last night, my friend and I got onto our server, and to our surprise, our vehicle and loot was still intact and in the same spot. We saved and exited after an hour, and logged back into our server, Unfortunately that time, all of our loot not on our characters was gone :'( I don't know if the save system you've implemented is hit or miss at this time, or if that was just a fluke thing. Do you plan on adding more to the system, or should I research other methods for this?
  2. NecroBarl


    I'm about to try and use Heroes Survive for survival and persistence. I heard that it crashes after too many saves, but I'd like to test that myself. Anybody have any experience combing Ravage and Heroes Survive? My idea is to use Ravage ai, zeds, loot, atmosphere, vehicles, and weather. Then, I would use Heroes for the survival and persistence. I'll report back. Zuzul and Gwiddick, I was checking out Exile for my needs, but honestly, it's just two much work when I'm only doing for 4 players max lol.
  3. NecroBarl


    I still can't get over how amazing this mod has been. I've been spending all day and night just to see if there was a way I could get loot and and vehicles I've found to save with me as well. Haleks, any news with that? Should I be able to do that already or am I messed up? Also, I don't know if it's just me, but I can't get tents and sleeping bags to work. Im only using CUP everything, ace, Ravage,bloodlust, and Sanchez Headgore. Also, I just wanted to share my experience last night. My friend and I were roaming through Altis. I got out of our truck to siphon fuel from a random car on the road with no wheels. My friend drove up the road a bit and got WIPED OUT by two raiders in technicals with 50 cals. I flanked the trucks on the side of a hill and killed the raiders with two frags. After my friend re spawned, we go to work trying to fix our vehicle which was disabled from the two 50 cals. While scavenging the vehicle for parts, ANOTHER group of raiders on foot comes by. We take them out. ANOTHER raider shows up, FRAGS our newly fixed vehicle. We were properly fucked then. It was night time. More and more zeds were coming out. Another group of raiders ambushed us while running through a town, looking for shelter. Absolutely amazing. If anybody finds a way to get their loot and vehicles to save, please let me know.
  4. NecroBarl


    Alright,I figured that's what I should do. I heard that the two mods were incompatible, so I was thinking I had to do some major overhaul or something.Thanks for the response. That just put a lot of new ideas into my head :)
  5. NecroBarl


    Gwiddick, how exactly did you use Exile to do this? Would you mind sharing the file or making a little step by step. I love ravage, but I just wish I could get vehicles and tents and everything to stay persistent. I can get loot to stay in boxes I placed down with 3d editor, but nothing else will save.
  6. NecroBarl


    Zuzul, is there any way for you to share the loot saving script/addon? This is the only thing preventing my friend and I from truly 10/10 loving this mod. It's 9.8 right now without loot saving ;) lol. So far, I've placed boxes in eden and our loot has saved in the boxes with the normal Ravage MP persistence save. Vehicles we've found on the other hand, they completely disappear when loading :( I would love to use your addon, Zuzul! I'd love to build a small base without eden, using the EDN fortication mod, and having it stay in the same place, and if you ever had that scrap metal addon down, it would be amazing. I wish I knew more of coding and scripting, but alas, I can only make small missions.