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  1. Marcus Machiavelli

    Help please in getting Contact premiere assets on server

    From the MOST wonderful DnA "Hi there! In order to use Contact (specifically alien) content, you need to load the optional part of the expansion (-mod=Contact). You can do this by hosting the Arma 3 Server app, but you need to select the Contact Build beta branch on Steam (this will download the files and provide the addon signature key). I hope that makes sense 😎" THANK YOU DnA!!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!
  2. Sorry if this is the wrong place, but I am having problems getting the Contact DLC premiere content on my server. All my group own the DLC, I can make missions on the new map and play them on the server but as soon as I put the big alien spaceship in, the mission will not open. The mission will open and play on my home PC. I have contacted my server help team and they say the RPT has enoch but does that mean it is just the Contact(platform) version? They say "Try uploading the DLC files to your server using FTP." I have done this but it still does not work. Which files do I need to transfer across to the server to have the big spaceship please? Thank you!
  3. Marcus Machiavelli

    Fifty Shades Mod Set

    Hey everyone, love the mod so thank you, but I downloaded the "female" from the link above but the 'Key" folder is empty. Where can I find a server key please? Wait....is the female key in the Gen key folder? Got it! It works! THANK YOU ZEE! Ps.My girl friend just uses the female heads as she likes the CSAT urban fatigues and full body armour so we do not use the Gen 3. thank you again! Here she is:
  4. Marcus Machiavelli

    Fifty Shades Mod Set

    THANK YOU ZEE! so good!
  5. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    Oh my! Zee! They look so good! Thank you! Just so you know that your old work is still getting much love, here is a fan screenshot of one of our gamer girls character in our group that you made for us! We play at least once a week, She loves it, we love it! Thank you!
  6. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    Gets my vote! BI needs to hire Zee!
  7. Marcus Machiavelli

    Vehicle Insertion?

    even though this is for helicopters you could use this
  8. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    I think Famke Kostova would be a good name!
  9. Marcus Machiavelli

    Enhanced Trenches

    Looks great, well done!
  10. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    Thoughts? You are very generous with your time and effort!
  11. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    Take your time and enjoy yourself Zee! You rock! We can wait and use V2 in the meantime.
  12. Marcus Machiavelli

    Testing Co-Op mission, friends get booted

    hey dude, sorry if this is to late. Same thing happened to me and my friends. We could play and then boom... nothing. I ended up tracing it back to port forwarding which would drop off and i could not get working again. Some times it is a windows update, sometimes your internet provider messes with it. I ended up renting a server and problem solved, but it is hard to set up first.....
  13. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    WOW! She is badass!
  14. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    Great work Zee as always! My group are looking forward to this! Thank you!
  15. Marcus Machiavelli

    Zee Identity Pack

    Thank you! You rock!