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  1. Finally, The script is released on the Armaholic! Now waiting for a validation. It will take few days or less I guess.. http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=35582 Now I'm changing the post title and adding main post a link to the armaholic.
  2. Actually the first concept of the script was to double click magazines on inventory and add them in repack list. But it was very hard when there is more than 2 magazines which need to be repacked. I could'nt determine how many ammos left in the magazine I double clicked due to the mismatch of item order in output array of related scripts, and inventory's item showing order. Thats why I just used detailedMagazineFull command and used full list of player's mags. I wonder how did you solve the problems. Wait, Is your script repacking the mag in your gun with mags in inventory?
  3. @LSValmont Thanks for the reply! Of course if I can give you help. Also @UNIT_normal is one of briliant fellow scripter. We will be happy to help you anytime.
  4. Oh sorry. this is pre release. not post. my bad. Changed title.
  5. Vanilla like AMMO REPACK SCRIPT Hello guys I just finished my new Ammo repacking script. Which have few benefits than other repack scripts. Let me just show you the simple gif Demos. ^^ (Sorry for unfamiliar language but you see the familiar calibers under the inventory. Right?) As you see, this new script has few benefits than other repack scripts. 1)NO MOD! -Adding this script is very easy. You just drop the file, add one line in the init.sqf. Thats all! No mod, No bulky instruction for installing! 2)SIMPLE FILE STRUCTURE! -The script has GUI but has no header file nor class definition file. Only single script sqf file. You can even adapt the script in game with debug menu. 3)VANILA-LIKE DESIGN & UX! -The UI just look like it's a part of the ARMA3 game itself. Newbies will even think this is a part of game and ask why they don't have the repack ui on other servers. -Users doesn't have to be informed about the repack short-cut since they will see the ui as they open the inventory. And you know what to do! 4)REPACK EASY! -You can repack every magazines if they uses same ammo. Different magazines even can be repacked if they use same ammo. (but no tracer-normal ammo mixing!) -You can select multiple magazines and preview the result of repacking. And Choosing order affects which magazines should be filled first. Multi select source, automatically multi repacked! Download and Informations[armaholic] : http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=35582 🙂