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  1. JuanAdamuz97

    RSO Buildings pack

    Can I talk with you about permissions please? @spookygnu
  2. JuanAdamuz97

    RH Pistol pack

    Can I ask for permission to use this mod?
  3. Thanks for the help! Done :3
  4. But that returns the camera view vector, I need the position in with that vector hits a player. Anyways thanks, I need this too ^^
  5. My mind is about to blow up... I need to create a vector, line, whatever, from my eyes to 10 meters away from my eyes (10 meters in front of me). Now with lineIntersectsObjs command (Or Other) detect what objects is intersecting with that vector and get the worldToModel position of the player from the intersection... A picture that explains itself.. Thanks!!
  6. JuanAdamuz97


  7. JuanAdamuz97

    Custom Scroll Wheel Mod Help

    Use parsetext in the action hint with an icon. parseText "Open Door<img image='data\isniper.paa'/>";
  8. Hello! Ive started using this extension and sometimes it starts and other times it does not. you know why? I've changed the folder to another server addon and changed the config. When it starts, everything is ok :S Help!
  9. JuanAdamuz97

    Boeing 737 - 100

    Hello, Can i get the template for the aircraft? So I can make new repaints without removing an existing one?
  10. Hello I need to remove certain objects from a vehicle. I need to remove only that one and keep the rest of items intact :S Any help? Thanks
  11. System chat does not show anything just a gray background like it wants to show things but no text :S
  12. JuanAdamuz97

    basicbody remove the underwear

    are you sure? I found the textutes in a3\characters_f\common\data a file called basicbody_grey_co contains that underwear...
  13. JuanAdamuz97

    Incompatible MB versions - FBX2RTM

    You solved it?