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  1. MitchyG117

    New Objectifs And Note system (CONTACT)

    @soceris Okay so it's a new system and it's got some bugs that need to be worked out, I get that. Only thing I don't understand is how did the official contact missions themselves add or make use of the note system? Like, you play the mission, open your map, scroll over to the note section and see a list of note entries. If that's going to replace diary records or mission briefing entries I'm fine with that, I just can't get it to work with the create diary record module and extensive searching through the changelog has not revealed anything so I just want to know how they got the notes to work in their official missions but I can't get it to work in mine
  2. MitchyG117

    New Objectifs And Note system (CONTACT)

    I'm also looking for an answer to this question. The new task system for contact is a bit odd, objectives don't show up on the objectives list for me unless it is a parent objective with at least 1 sub-objective. It also really bothers me that diary records don't seem to show up anywhere on the map or game screen anymore, which makes retrieving intel folders useless
  3. The title is pretty much the question. I would like OPFOR and BLUFOR Helicopters to duke it out in the skies without causing the infantry to be distracted from their ground battle. As of right now, having ground units trying to fight each other pans out kinda awkwardly when air units are fighting nearby because they'll stop paying attention to the enemy squad in front of them and start staring/firing at the helicopter
  4. Just gave it a try. Returned an error message saying "error hcSetGroup: Type group, expected object" I tried switching places with (group _proxyThis" and [Squad1] because in a trigger you use the commanding unit name first But that just returned a similar error error hcSetGroup: Type group, expected array" EDIT!! I'm excited to type that I've got it working, figured it out myself so I'm proud of myself! Reading the error message, it said "expected array" so I just made one slight adjustment to the code and got it working! All it needed was brackets 0 = [This, "INIT=", "Unit1 hcSetGroup [(group _proxyThis)]"] Thank you so much Dread you are a genius with scriping, I honestly don't even know what _proxyThis is supposed to mean in coding language but thank heavens you referred me to it because now I can get on with creating my mission that involves respawnable high command groups 😀
  5. That's probably the best way of doing it, I use a similar method for continuous music in some of my missions. I have the first music trigger named TRIG1 or something like that, have it play the song, measure the time and have a second trigger with the condition set to TriggerActivated TRIG1, and give it a count down of the measured time on my stop watch. This way there is continuous music playing
  6. There is, hcSetGroup. I've been trying to get that to work. Here is what I have in the init box of my squad: 0 = [This, "INIT=", "Unit1 hcSetGroup [Squad1]"] spawn jebus_fnc_main; Now, using 'Unit1 hcSetGroup [Squad1]' worked fine in a trigger for units not being spawned by jebus, but does nothing when put in the init string or firing said trigger after jebus has spawned the group with the variable name 'Squad1'. As you might guess Unit1 is the name of the Commander unit and Squad1 is the group name of the subordinate Squad. Could it be that when spawned in the group variable name is not being saved?
  7. @dreadpirate I'll try that without the GAIA folder and see what happens, I don't mind having the folder in my mission folder for now. I wanted to ask though, is it possible to use the high command module and add spawned units to your command bar? synchronizing it to the module itself doesn't do anything
  8. Hello Dread! It has been a long while since I've played Arma 3, but I've recently begun to play it again because of the new contact DLC that I'm hyped about! But anyway the reason I'm writing you is because I've picked up mission making again and I've tried to use your updated script but it no longer works for me??? I've made sure the description.ext and jebus folder was included in my mission folder (along with the contents of the init.sqf for good measure) but nothing appears to be working. I'm even using the new function code in the init line of units instead of the old "execVM" method, but alas nothing. It works perfectly fine and well in the demo mission, and what's odd is that if I make a copy of that mission, with all of the same scripts, folders and everything, respawning stops. I've never been the brightest when it comes to scripting/coding so maybe it's just something small I'm overlooking but this is frustrating! I loved this script back in the day, saved my maps from a lot of unnecessary clutter. Edit: Got it working, I guess I needed the GAIA folder in there as well. Still doesn't explain why copying the demo mission made that stop working but oh well??? I also have a question for you when you see this post, regarding the high command module and respawning
  9. I was also wandering if anyone could help me with an issue similar to this thread. Is there a code or script or anything that makes AI units go to a randomly chosen sector without using pre-placed waypoints? I just feel preplaced waypoints make the battle too predictable. I'd like the AI to go to a sector Randomly. As far as respawning goes, Im using the Jebus script to respawn pre-placed units because while I want them to go to random sectors, I don't want the actual units and loadouts to be random, so no use for the spawn AI module
  10. Well, before I started testing the pause feature, I did open the script to have a look at the coding. I didn't make any changes to anything inside, but I noticed the icon for the file changed. It is still an SQF file though, and everything else still works, so I'm not too sure how relevant it is. Also, I do get an error message at the top of the screen when I try to conduct a test, by placing a BLUFOR soldier where OPFOR will spawn, and putting 0 = [this, "PAUSE=", 150] OPFOR units still spawn after the respective trigger they are synced to activates, even with the BLUFOR soldier right next to them, and I get this error message: "...SpawnPos , _unitSide, _PauseRadius] call [#]Jebus_fnc_enemyinradius file C:\users\user\Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profiles\MyProfile\MPmissions\MyMission\Jebus.sqf, line 312" And just in case it is relevant, I'm using vientnam OPFOR units from the UNSUNG mod, and the trigger synced to the group fires when the radius it covers, the "OPFOR base" , has no BLUFOR units inside it, and I did make sure to put the BLUFOR unit within the pause radius, but outside of the trigger radius - UPDATE: I solved the problem. After carefully comparing the folders in my mission file and the Demo file, it turns out I was missing an Init folder. It started working properly after I copy and pasted the folder into my mission, sorry for the trouble!
  11. Great script Im loving it. Only thing I want to bring up is that the PAUSE feature isnt working properly for me, I may be typing the code wrong, but I dont want units to respawn if enemies are within 150m, and when I type "0 = [This, "PAUSE=", 150,"] it does nothing, they still spawn. And I dont want to use the UPS script as shown in the examples so i cant use that example
  12. Can anyone help me with a small issue? I have a script that respawns preplaced units, and another script that removes all land, sea and air vehicles with 2 minute intervals if they are empty. However it seems that if a vehicle has a dead crew member inside of it, the vehicle cleanup script ignores the vehicle and keeps it in the map, which gives a lot of clutter since I've noticed MRAP and snaller un-armored vehicles tend to have their crew die by gunfire while still in the vehicle, so I need a way for the script to either remove the dead bodies in the vehicle before deleting it, or deleting the bodies with the vehicle. Keep in mind I cant just delete the group or vehicle permanently after its destroted because it won't respawn, (at least I think, haven't actually gotten around to testing that) Heres the script: sleep 1260; _vehicles = nearestObjects [player, ["landvehicle","Air","Ship",], 9999]; { if (count crew vehicle _x == 0) then {deleteVehicle _x}; } forEach _vehicles; [] execVM "empty.sqf"
  13. This may or may not be at all possible, I'm just very curious, but you know how you have your custom compositions in the eden editor? Is there a way you can spawn a custom composition into the mission using a trigger or script? Instead of placing it in the editor from the start? It would be really cool and useful for some of my missions, as some specific compositons I've made are not really relative super early in the mission, and using the show/hide module to manage them can be a little tedious. Any insight would be great :)
  14. MitchyG117

    Noob question about triggers

    Instead of using loiter, try using a hold waypoint. Hold waypoints will never be completed unless a skip trigger waypoint is synchronized to it. So the trigger that is set to fire when OPFOR is not present should be changed to the "skip waypoint" type, and the loiter waypoint should be changed to a hold waypoint. Hope that helps!
  15. I'd like to see respawning also be introduced to single player (offline) missions to. Maybe through a module. Because I like to make really long, dynamic missions for single player, just for my own entertainment, and lets face it, a 2 hour long missions can be quite annoying with just 1 life or a few save states. Also I agree that it should be made easier to retain a custom loadout upon respawn using a check box, or, going on the idea of a module again, maybe having a setting for it? Just easier than using the whole Description.ext setup :)