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  1. The links are dead, and I had to reinstall my Arma CWA. Any possible way for me to get this patch?
  2. Thank you again, I really do appreiciate it.
  3. Thank you! It works, but may I know what type of program you used to add the code to the config.bin? Just so I don't have to ask again if I use a different mod
  4. I misread his question, that's on me (thought he said if I gave him the version he'd make a .bin file that has it) but I do not know how to get into the .bin file to post the code. The code is easy to copy, but for the love of everything holy I cannot find anything on how to access the .bin file
  5. Could you make a version for FFUR 2007 2.5? Thanks, much appreciated
  6. LtFrost


    I can;t download the WW4 versions, and I know this has been a long time but I hope you see it or someone who has a working link sees this.
  7. I need some help, I can't equip my NV goggles. I read what the author said about posting the thing in the config.cpp thing but I don't know how to paste that into the config file the OP was talking about, nor do I know how to open it. I love this unoffical patch but all I need help with is the NV goggles and Bino problem.
  8. The multiplayer servers aren't popping up for me, has this happened with anyone else? EDIT: nevermind!
  9. LtFrost

    OFP Addon request thread

    Hello I'm hoping someone could help me find Dr.Peppers Zombies? Thanks.
  10. Ever since I saw the Swastika flag in one mission that is included in the WWII MP Collection pack I always wondered what the intilization command is for it. If anyone knows can you help me? Please and thanks!
  11. Oh sorry about that. I should've read when the author last replied.
  12. Oh and also there's a bug in the v1.3 beta that when you die and respawn the zombies don't attack you unless you shoot one. (The one you shoot will come after you for a few seconds then stop)
  13. This is my first post ever but I love this mod/mission and it's so fun playing it with other mods but a quick question...Are there tanks that spawn?? I've found an Armored Vehicle once from the I44 mod but that's it. Again love this mod/mission and I hope it isn't dead.