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    Ola @rasmus Some friends and I have the same problem, but we found out it come from the server. Sometimes it happens, sometimes nothing.
  2. alexbu

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    A friend just shown me this video, pretty hilarious for a sad reality
  3. alexbu

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    I've just noticed something new: I had a static screen. I tried to ALT+TAB but I had a black screen. After waiting 5 min with the black screen, I decided to disconnect the HDMI cable and to plug it in again. And it worked (didn"t need to switch OFF/ON the pc), I was on my desktop background with the A3 launcher opened, but the game windows wasn't there, it closed automatically. EDIT: That was in Altis Life gtx 1060 i5 6600k all drivers updated
  4. alexbu

    "3FPS Issue" - Call for Help

    Hey @dwarden (and all) some players and I already talked of this bug HERE And we found out that use "-maxmem=2047" completely solved the problem. No crash anymore in most of the case
  5. alexbu

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Good evening guys, I go back on my lastest comment (see above): I crashed once today (in 3 hours). I was dead and wanted to respawn, pressed ESC and then I got a black screen. I could't do ALT+TAB / WIN+TAB / CTRL+ALT+DEL. Nothing was responding, I had to turn off the computer manually. What is weird is that I could still hear people talking in the chat, meanning the game was still open. ps: My start up parameters were: -maxMem2047 -skipIntro -noSplash Right after the crash I desabled -skipIntro -noSplash and it did not crash again I guess that was an isolated crash, what do you think?
  6. alexbu

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Hey guys, A friend an I just tried -maxMem2047 for about 1 hour on EPM1 KOTH and it worked fine, no FPS drop or any crash !
  7. alexbu

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    @Greenfist sorry for the tag but I cannot delete it :/ @ScubaSteveO Ola Scuba, yes it seems to be the same bug
  8. alexbu

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    @Greenfist you are a true hero! I was thinking BI did not give a damn about this story like DICE did with BF3 by desabling all official servers... Anyway thank you for your explanations and I truely expect BI care about this problem and they will fix this issue asap. Ty again
  9. alexbu

    3 FPS Bug and Random Crashes

    Hey there, All my friends and I have the same problem. Everything is ok but after few minutes (from 25 to 40) the game is crashing. Actually, the game goes into Background task. And because of that our computer do not allow all ressource to it. I sent a message to Bohemia interactive, this is their answer: "we will take a look into it. Please note that if this crash happens only on King of the Hill mod then the problem is most likely in the mod itself and that is something we cannot fix from our side." Before receiving this message, I tried to install a previous Nividia driver (from August), run game as admin in order it does not go into background --> No result, crashs still occur. @rasmus I really hope your topic will gather lot of complaints in order Bohemia corrects this problem which is now happening for few weeks.
  10. @Devastaor_cm yep, FPS drop looks like we are playing in ultra-ultra-ultra low settings with a GeForce G210 ^^ And as @Pellejones said it can " Happened to me 3 times during 2 hours ", that's right. My friends and I have noticed that Arma3 is actually going on Background task. The, GPU and CPU do not allow all recources to the game anymore... That would explain why FPS are falling into the into the darkness of our world One last thing, I don't know if it happens to you too, but I've noted that something like 1 crash in 3 actually happen when I press "Escape" in order to respawn
  11. Hey, I guess I have found someone having the same problem than me (I hope so)! Do you guys are experiencing this issue : Since about 10 weeks (after a bug update of 2/3gigas), Arma3 is randomly crashing, most of the time following a death. It like the RAM is saturated. Suddently FPS are dropping (used to run at 60fps and it falls down to 3fps), then the screen goes black and I nothing responds anymore. I have to turn off manually the computer and restart Arma, relaunch Steam, etc.... A bit annoying when you just spent $9000 for a Neophron. This problem is happening to me but also to some friends and other players. FYI, it happens exclusively in KOTH mod, not in Breaking Point, campaign, Eden Editor etc... It's happening to me but also to other friends and players
  12. alexbu

    Not able to lock with Titan

    Hey Rudy, You only tried once? Sometimes locking system doesn't work, don't know why... or it locks something so far away from the target.... anyway you're not the one! Just try on another round or another server, servers performance (health?) are often involved in many issues encountered. Sheep,
  13. alexbu

    [Solved] Arma 3 won't start.

    Hey Am4z3d, A friend is encountering (almost) the same problem. The only difference is he can play, but then the game crash, he can see the game is running in background but cannot selects it. Sometimes he can go back to the game using Alt+Shift or Win+Shift. It might takes some time but it may works. A simple question: did you try to run Steam & Arma as admin? Sheep,