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  1. Alpine_gremlin

    Question About Fog Settings

    Code was called from server exec. Nah its my own mission. There should be no code resetting the weather.
  2. Hey guys I`m trying to use fog effects during a snow mission to simulate heavy snow fall and reduced visibility. I`ve noticing some interesting behavior when using it however. I have attached a picture of my settings. On the dedicated server, for some reason, whenever I switch to Zeus, the fog disappears and fades to almost zero, but when I rejoin and resync with the server, the value is as it is set in the editor. With rain as well, it seemed that on my friend`s screen, there was no precipitation. When I try to set values manually in the debug console, the changes take effect, but then reset to zero again. Would anyone be able to explain this behavior?
  3. Hey guys, I`m trying to run a mission that I made on a dedicated server. Whenever I try to load it in the editor I get the following message when it opens: no entry 'bin\config.bin/CfgPatches.sud_m113'. When I export it as a .pbo and try to play it on a dedicated server, the same message pops up in system chat and I am booted to the role selection screen for a Vanilla escape mission. Does anyone know what the problem could possibly be here? Any ideas are appreciated!
  4. Alpine_gremlin

    Force Players to Spectate After 2 Lives

    Understood. Thank you!
  5. Alpine_gremlin

    Force Players to Spectate After 2 Lives

    Thank you that makes perfect sense @stanhope!
  6. Alpine_gremlin

    Force Players to Spectate After 2 Lives

    Do you use profileNameSpace to keep track of _lifenumber as its value applies to the player?
  7. Hey guys its been a while since I`ve written any code for ArmA so I`m super rusty. Using the ACE mod, I`m trying to make it so that after an individual player dies twice, they are transferred to the spectator screen. The code seems really simple, so I`m not sure why it isn`t working. I`m not getting any script errors so is it just bad syntax? "handleSpectator.sqf" is called via initPlayerLocal.sqf: [[west], [east,civilian]] call ace_spectator_fnc_updateSides; [[0,1,2], []] call ace_spectator_fnc_updateCameraModes; [[], [allPlayers]] call ace_spectator_fnc_updateUnits; hint "First Life..."; waitUntil {!alive player}; sleep 5; hint "Second Life..."; waitUntil {!alive player}; [true] call ace_spectator_fnc_setSpectator;
  8. Hello all, I`m trying to get into modding and register a set of tags. Tried to register for OFPEC like 4 days ago and still have gotten an email to confirm the address. Spam is clear. Is there anyone I can contact regarding this?
  9. Heya guys! So for the past week or so I`ve been working on an MP mission that I intend to try on a dedicated server. I want the mission to end with a different "EndMission" depending on the player`s state. So say an indivdual died, but then the rest of his team completed all objectives, I`d want the alive players to recieve a different "victory" than anyone that died. I figured that using BIS_fnc_endMissionServer wouldn`t be the best option (though better for client sync) as all players would see the same ending type. Currently I am using the following code: waitUntil {!isNil "missionEndings"}; _run = true; if (missionEndings && player in escapeBoat) then { "End1" call BIS_fnc_endMission; _run = false; }; if (missionEndings && vehicle player != escapeBoat) then { "playerLeftBehind" call BIS_fnc_endMission; _run = false; }; if (missionEndings && !alive player) then { "playerDeadbutTeamEscaped" call BIS_fnc_endMission; _run = false; }; sleep 5; }; Where "missionEndings" is a variable handed out to clients via a server-evaluated trigger. Is this a good method of doing this? Or does anyone have a better method? I am eager to learn if so! On a slightly related note: is declaring a variable via publicVariable a viable option on a dedicated server?
  10. Alpine_gremlin

    "Hit" Event Handler Params

    Hey man thanks a lot! Would you mind explaining what you did differently in the params? I`m still trying to get practice with that command.
  11. Hey guys, so I`m trying to set up a scenario where the player gets betrayed by a specific group. One way I`m thinking of triggering the event is to have him get shot (not killed though) by one of the group members. I have this: player addEventHandler ["Hit",{ params ["_unit", "_source", "_damage", "_instigator"]; if (_this select 3 in traitorGrp) then {betray = true};} ]; When I try to use this however, I get "Error in: type group, expected array, object, location" As you can see I am trying to check if the shooter is in the specified group, and if so, set the variable. Is a group not an array however? Additionally I`m quite sure that "_instigator" is most certainly a unit. I`m not quite sure how to approach this. Using the side command did not seem to work either.
  12. Okay guys thank you for the tips! :D
  13. Ah I see. Also what is your opinion on triggers placed in the editor? Would you say that they are a reliable way of making events happen if only evaluated by the server?
  14. So if I call a script (a totally separate sqf) from initPlayerLocal, it will still only work on that client?
  15. Hey guys so I`m working on a mission that I plan to put on to a dedicated server but I have a question that I would like to ask regarding scripting for this environment. I realize that the initPlayerLocal.sqf is incredibly important for this task. Let`s say I had a script that I wanted to run on each client`s computer separately. A simple message to pop up when the player approaches a vehicle. I`ll call this "script.sqf". far = true; while {far} do { _meters = player distance car; sleep 1; if (_meters < 5) then { far = false; hint "You are close to the car"; } }; In a dedicated server environment, I realize that the command "player" would return as nil and therefore would not work if say executed via init.sqf. What if I were to call this script in the initPlayerLocal.sqf however? Or would I have to find an alternative to "player" in this case to refer to the player`s unit?