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  1. RagingGamer

    Unitcapture & Unitplay Issues

    I dunno what that is. It's just what ARMA threw at me. You can see it in the screenshot. The snipped code isn't too important. It's just the movement and firing data. But here's a pastebin. You'll see why I snipped it. Could you explain what you mean?
  2. EDIT: I figured updated the path.sqf code and it now says path1 = [snipped] fire1 = [snipped] [guy, path1] spawn BIS_FNC_Unitplay; [guy, fire1] spawn BIS_FNC_Unitplayfiring; And now the error stops coming up. This also seems to have fixed the vehicle movement as well. But infantry still doesn't fire. They glide along the ground tho.
  3. RagingGamer

    GCam (Let's fix this great mod)

    Could you perhaps upload your fix to the workshop? Since there isn't one on it?
  4. RagingGamer

    Anyone have info on Gcam?

    I saw that. But I figured since it was 4 years old it would have been better to start a new thread about it rather than necro-ing. But it looks like people post on it anyways. Thanks!
  5. Title's pretty self-explanatory. I know there was a working version here, but as you'll see when you click on it, It was removed. This sucks because I had been in the process of recording a bunch of footage with it, as I'm sure a bunch of people had been too.
  6. I'm not making this post because I have a problem. I'm making it because as of the latest update I've run into this. By "freezing" I mean everything runs fine. I can access the esc menu, I can use the context menu (ugh), but everything else freezes. Animations mainly. This isn't actually a problem if you DO NOT set the vehicle to "dynamic sim". I didn't do any in-depth testing and I am not going to. I only noticed this happened when getting into the side-seats of a helo. This is not a mod problem either. I ran it using a vanilla game. I'm not sure whether or not this is the right forum to post this on tho. I couldn't find a "feedback/bug rep" forum.
  7. I'd agree with you there, if I knew any scripting lol
  8. RagingGamer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Can't believe I didn't think of that beforehand lol. Thanks!
  9. RagingGamer

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Question: Are the ACOG (and acog-like) scopes supposed to zoom in like an LRPS or MOS, or are they supposed to behave like the RCOs? Because they're acting like the former
  10. The modules. DAC_intern uses the files packed in the PBO of the mod. DAC_extern uses files that are the same as the ones inside the PBO but are separated. Those same files are used in the script version of DAC, too. DAC_extern is, I'm assuming, used for creating customized loadouts/weapon-pools for the AI that spawns. But like I said, I've only recently started using it.
  11. I'm using the 3den Enhanced mod and have changed all their skills to try and keep them advancing. Combat mode is the exact opposite of what I want them to do because it makes them stagnate.
  12. I'm trying to get a bunch of enemies to advance onto the players location, except they all stagnate near their starting positions. (Yes, they have waypoints) I use some Little Birds to provide cover, except after they engage, the AI will do that "prone and cover" thing when they get into combat. I want to keep them from going into "Combat Mode" but still able to shoot at you. Kinda like a mix between "Careless" and "Aware". Or, alternatively, is there a mod that can do that? Because I'm no good at scripting.
  13. Edit: The error is gone, but it's still not shooting.
  14. lol I forgot I made this post. I fixed it by using dac_intern and editing the files in the pbo. Actually, if I use the files from the (edited) PBO itself and replace the dac_extern files, I still get the same error. So I don't know what its problem is.