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  1. WormChickenWizard

    Invade and Annex ported to Argo!

    ChangeLog 1.1: implemented: dynamic group framework (Hit u to bring it up) implemented: reinforcements to AO as groups are killed off disabled: minefield around radioTower (ai were constantly running into it) updated: side mission rewards fixed some minor bugs and possibly introduced some still not all features have been redesigned for argo so like i've said previously, please report them. Download here
  2. WormChickenWizard

    Invade and Annex ported to Argo!

    Version 1.0 has been posted for download! It still has some issues that I need to iron out and features that might need to be tweaked. Otherwise its playable at this point. Its also been approved by the original developer of I&A (Quiksilver) so everthings good for release.
  3. WormChickenWizard

    Invade and Annex ported to Argo!

    No, I haven't. I just assumed it was okay. Probably a good idea to do so and will do so.
  4. WormChickenWizard

    Invade and Annex ported to Argo!

    With Argo just coming out being how similar it is "under the hood" to Arma and the fact that included the scenario editor, I wondered if it would be possible to port scenario's from Arma 3 that didn't require mod support to Argo. So I picked Invade and Annex since it fit those prerequisites and so far its been successful. (more specifically, I based it off the ahoy world edit found here) Since there are some differences between Arma and Argo, I did make some changes to game-play. Those Changes Include: Since there are no explosives in game (not officially, yet they may still be in the CfgViewer), I added an ammo box with a custom script that essentially acts like a "Arm the Bomb" that only the explosive specialists can do. Blufor Units and Vehicles have been changed from NATO to clouds and all Opfor and Independent units and vehicles have been changed to the flames faction. Some side missions have been removed (due to being completely broke/not making sense with argo assets) and others underwent minimal change. One thing I would like to mention is I am not an active player of Invade and Annex on Arma. If something seems out of place or is broken that I might have overlooked or even ideas to improve it, please comment it, I can take constructive criticism. Oh, BTW I need to replace the radio tower CAS with something else, I was thinking constant reinforcements as enemy units are killed while the tower is active, what do you guys think? Also I am just a porter, the real credit deserves to go to the original Authors, Rarek and Quiksilver, as well as Ahoy World for their edit. (This has also been approved by them) You can download version 1.1 here. (If you decide to make a dedicated server of this, please comment it below as i'd like to play on it ) Here some examples of some changes that I am doing in order for it to play well: Bomb defuse script since Argo doesn't support explosives
  5. WormChickenWizard

    What is the class name of inventory boxes?

    ahhh thats actually very helpful, Thanks!
  6. WormChickenWizard

    What is the class name of inventory boxes?

    That did the trick, Thanks!
  7. Im trying to write a script (for experimental purposes) that finds the nearest object within x amount of yards and runs the action command to open the inventory. When it comes to the nearestObjects command, I know the super classes for Cars, Tanks, helicopters, and planes (from the examples provided on the wiki and research) but I can't seem to find the super class for ammo crates. What is it? Here's my code so you can see and understand what I am doing:
  8. WormChickenWizard

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    yeah you can, all you have to do is rename the scenario folder "Dissension.Tanoa" to "Dissension.Altis"
  9. WormChickenWizard

    [CTI-COOP] Dissension

    @genesis92x for some reason when I spawn in drones, they seem to always come crashing to the ground immediately after spawn along with not being synced to my uav terminal. Another issue with drones in general is that after using one for a while, the gunner seat will no longer be able to taken control of and the drone itself dumbs down.
  10. WormChickenWizard


    @super-truite I was wondering if it was okay with you if I ported the Armageddon mission to Tanoa? If so, how would I go by doing that?