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  1. _flankenstein

    GRAD Trenches

    Sorry to be a bother, but I'm having trouble understanding the github guide for adding map support. Link doesn't seem to be working. I've edited configs for player equipment before, but I'm just not understanding any part of this instruction for some reason. Perhaps there's a translation issue on the instruction, but even the first sentence throws me off.
  2. _flankenstein

    GRAD Trenches

    Perfect, heading over to take a look now. Thanks again. :)
  3. _flankenstein

    GRAD Trenches

    Perfect, heading over to take a look now. Thanks again. :)
  4. _flankenstein

    GRAD Trenches

    Would it be possible to add support for the Mogadishu map? I'm unable to place trenches anywhere on the map, and it would be useful in the very empty desert landscapes on that terrain. Thank you for your work!
  5. That did the trick! I copy/pasted the line from the RHS Chinooks and replaced the classname. Bingo. Thank you very much, sir. Might do some minor tweaking in the future to adjust the lighting, but for now it works and I am very happy with it.
  6. Ah! I had thought so, I will give this a shot in a few and let you know how it goes... Thanks for the speedy responses and troubleshooting!
  7. I believe it's the Bohemia and/or ACE version of the CH-47 Chinook, unarmed.
  8. I should have mentioned that I had tried that as well. Gave it another go just now with the same results...darkness. The message that pops up reads- "Interior Lighting: Loading" "Interior Lighting: Initialized" Which is what leads me to believe that it's working in both cases, but that I'm just overlooking something...a conflicting mod, a setting...I'm stumped.
  9. Script looks awesome, having a little trouble integrating it though. It seems SO very straight forward, I must just be missing a very obvious step being that I am a bit of script noob. So I... - Downloaded from armaholic - Upacked intlight.sqf into mission folder - Added line into helicopter's int When I test the mission, I get a small message in the lower left corner "initializing intlights" + "initialized intlights" -paraphrasing not sure the exact read out of the message-- but it appears as though it's recognizing and running the script just fine-- just no lights. No matter what. Thought I was maybe missing the scroll wheel on/off thing, but that's not even optional. Anyone have any idea what I'm missing? If it's any help: map - Tanoa helicopter - CH47 (BI/ACE) ACE3 running... I've tried on a blank slate Tanoa with 3 different helicopters (BI and user-made) in all varieties of darkness with the same results. Looks as though the script is firing, but zero interior light in anything. Any help is much appreciated.
  10. Much appreciated, though I'm not entirely sure where to put that..? I'm coming from the most basic of basics. My objective is set up as so-- objective module placed, set task state synced to obj module, and an empty trigger synced to set task state. Objective module is of course linked to players and trigger to set it once blufor gets close enough. It's probably way easier than I'm imagining, but I'm looking for the set task state to fire "succeeded" via the trigger, once the two bombs are disarmed. I just have no idea how to link any of that in a working manner. Basically need an extreme hand-holding walk through on what piece of script I need to copy/paste and to where...lol. Sorry to ask so much.
  11. Awesome script. Very easy to implement. I'm trying to build it into a mission where once you defuse two bombs, an objective is completed. Can anyone walk a noob through how to do this? I'm assuming a simple piece of script in the activation or condition field of a trigger will do the trick... Thanks.