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  1. Looking good! The main issues I noticed were: The new audio is definitely an improvement, but some of the sounds (mainly the tracks) don't seem as intense as I imagine they would be irl. Not that bad when driving, definitely more noticeable when standing nearby as it passes. The Kuma stopping completely when it slows to 10 km/h or less is a bit annoying. As mentioned above, the 'drifting' and rear spin seems over-exaggerated. The small concrete walls used as curbs at Altis airport (Land_Concrete_SmallWall_8m_F) almost bring the tank to a halt. More stopping power than the rock walls now. Previously it would slow the tank down, but not as severely as it does now.
  2. 64 characters is maximum for each. If you initially connect to the server, after each restart it should reconnect straight away once the restart is complete.