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  1. I have to say bludski, I am encouraged by your work, especially the focus on detail for the infantry. I enjoy the claustrophobia one can get and the authenticity of the jungles and villages. Happy to here the standalone is coming along now, hope to add this into our groups map rotation for some operations.
  2. D3lta481

    SaveVar MP safety

    Alright, I think my overall question was quite clear, is the saveVar command safe for MP or does something have to be done to make it safe from hacking. I read in my research into this that it most likely saves to a campaign namespace much like the profile namespace, but no matter what it has to save it somewhere and I want to know if it is safe to use without any other checks. Pretty simple question, that may have a complex answer due to the lack of documentation on much of these systems, this I understand as the wiki for the commands gives very little useful information to this inquiry.
  3. I am new to scripting and have been going through some tutorials, though I do have a question with regards to preventing hacking and all that. Is the campaign namespace that the saveVar command saves to safe to use just standard or does something have to be done like with global variables? Thanks for the help. D3lta481
  4. D3lta481

    A quantum leap - Arma 4

    As the op said this is for fun mate, I for one would like same universe also, it works well for 3 in my opinion. Add in a few of the more popular mods as features, map in someplace cold and snowy, china mountains anyone with dynamic weather?
  5. D3lta481

    Squad (PR:BF2 Devs)

    Friend mentioned this, might have to check it out, looks promising.
  6. D3lta481

    Graviteam Tactics Operation Star

    I will have to look into this, interest piqued.
  7. D3lta481


    It is basically a better looking counter stroke In my opinion.... Some could argue you have to learn tactics for those games, but reflexes do help yes.
  8. I agree it does have potential, but I have a feeling it will be one of those games you play for 10 hours and then don't touch it again. It the problem some games are running into these days with the more powerful computing we have that design this vast area, but it doesn't have deep story or detail to keep you engaged and engrossed.
  9. D3lta481

    My summer car

    I like the concept, a game that doesn't pamper... Interested to see where this goes.