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  1. I have the same setup as yours. I hope you have a good cooler and that you check your CPU and motherboard temperatures in order to prevent overheating. See this video to improve performance if you're note happy with it:
  2. OneEyed_Cat

    GTX 1060 FPS Issues

    Clean install of the drivers, delete all nvidia profiles. Do the same for Afterburner or Precision. Then be sure to have max performance option chosen in your game profile in nvidia control panel.
  3. OneEyed_Cat

    Black boxes over textures

    Thank you very much for the answers. I already wrote to BR devs, will do also to the others. I'll also try to change shadow settings but I have no great hope...
  4. OneEyed_Cat

    Black boxes over textures

    Thank you for your answer! It's reassuring about my hardware. It's complicated to downgrade my drivers since my GPU is from the new gen. There are not so much artifacts, I can live with it but maybe should I report the bug to the devs with hope they fix it?
  5. OneEyed_Cat

    Black boxes over textures

    Hi, I post here since I can't create a new thread. I have a really weird problem with artifacts. I have thin black lines that appear when there's quantity of of buildings. It only appears when I'm playing Battle Royale. There's no problem in the vanilla game. I searched but couldn't find someone complaining about the same issue linked to BR. It didn't appeared at start but suddenly one day. I thought it was linked to my GPU since it appeared after I overclocked it. But I've changed for a gtx 1070 and the problem is still there. My CPU is also overclocked but the game ran perfectly with the OC setup. Still it may be a hardware issue since it appeared after a night where GPU and CPU where running quite hot. Though I have no problem with any other game. It doesn't disappear even when turning AA off. I am desperate... help