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  1. Okay, its not solved 😕 For some reason, the AI i put on the base does not shoot at the chopper but AI called in later via the buy menu does. I suspect the "temporary pilot" who lands it on the helipad and then despawns might be AAF/independent too and cause that? Already tried typicalCargo[] = {"BWA3_Helipilot", "BWA3_Helipilot"}; and crew[] = {"BWA3_Helipilot", "BWA3_Helipilot"}; with no result. Again, any help apprechiated. Btw: The chopper itself now is perfectly integrated into the warlords buy menu: no missing image, no zero divisor or any other error. It just gets still shot at by some own AI. Im just thinking about if it isnt easier now to get permission from the SFP guys, modify the Bo-105 settings and reupload it as a bluefor faction. Never did that too but there seems to be more documentation out there for this.
  2. Okay, totally weird but hey... this is what tried in the very first place because its just straight forward but it didnt work for me. class sfp_bo105_pah1 { side = 1; faction = "BWA3_Faction_Fleck"; }; class CfgWLRequisitionPresets { class MyWLAssetList // --- class name used in the Init module { class WEST // --- assets available for BLUFOR { class Aircraft { class sfp_bo105_pah1 { cost = 10; requirements[]={"H"}; }; }; }; }; }; I just gave it another try and everything is working now like a charm. Must have been a typical newbie error when i first tried it, maybe spelling or something else.
  3. Didnt work sadly, tried several pictures. Thanks for the reply tho.
  4. Hi there, im just trying to use the SFP BO105 Mod as a Bluefor buyable in my Warlords mission. Since in the mod the (Bundeswehr) BO-105, for whatever reason, is set to independent (AAF), the Bluefor AI gets a liiiittle bit crazy when i buy it and starts shooting it. 🤠 BigDaveHadSomeToo gave some advice on an old reddit, but im a total scripting noob and could use some help to get going. I tried putting this into the description.ext but as a result i got this error. The "grouping the chopper with an friendly AI" trick obviously is not an option. class sfp_bo105_pah1; // class name in the mod, i read about inherent classes after ArmA told me about a missing base class. This fixed it. class bo105: sfp_bo105_pah1 // bo105 shall be my modified bluefor custom class used below in MyWLAssetList. { priority = 500; side = 1; // "1" should, according to class viewer, be bluefor. faction = "BWA3_Faction_Fleck"; // BWA3_Faction_Fleck is the Bundeswehr Faction already created by the BWMod i also use. Its also got a Helicopter }; class CfgWLRequisitionPresets { class MyWLAssetList // --- class name used in the Init module { class WEST // --- assets available for BLUFOR { class Aircraft { class bo105 { cost = 10; requirements[]={"H"}; }; }; }; }; }; Any hint or help is apprechiated. 07
  5. Kailux


    When designing a Warlords mission, is it possible to disable "fast travel to contested sector" at all so one can only travel to seized ones (im looking to only allow a few of sectors to be fast travelled to and only when they are seized already).
  6. Kailux

    Official Warlords Server

    Pardon my french, but: when proper use of regular game items leads to kick or even ban -> shitty mechanic. Really. Pure bullshit. When trolls start using kamikaze planes to generate kek, does one get banned for crashing a plane then? Make passengers killed in vehicle death (like in a plane crash) NOT count as TKs. Auto kick/ban based on [X]TK in [Y] minutes > [Z] = kick based on Steam ID. All Problems solved.
  7. >Playing Warlords Altis on official Server >Enemy Sniper spawnkills from the SW hill for ages >Finally get up there, kill him, place 8 Apers Mine Dispensers to deny this hill for enemy snipers >Set off the AMDs aaaaaaand... https://imgur.com/a/kfya2A6 On the other hand you can TK 50 times an hour all day long without being autokicked. Well done Bohemia!
  8. Kailux

    "Safe" behaviour AI but going cross-country?

    Adding tons of waypoints isn't an option, i've set the "placement" option to a pretty big area (up to 500m, depending on how wide the jungle is) to add a random factor/increase replayability. Careless isn't an option either since i want them to switch to "aware" when they spot something (which isn't the case with "careless"). Was hoping there might be a scripting solution to this (like forcing a "weapons lowered" animation on them in "aware" mode until they spot a target). Will have a look at your link @Gunter Severloh Thanks for your help so far guys 07
  9. Kailux

    Export mutelist?

  10. Right now i am trying to create Patrols on Tanoa that are in "Safe" mode (weapons lowered, moving at normal walking pace etc.) but that don't use roads or pathways but go straight from waypoint A to B (right through the jungle). Is this possible in any way? (Because: what patrol is walking through the jungle all day long with raised weapons as it would be the case using "aware" mode?) Move this topic to "arma 3 editing" forums please and finally give me full posting rights ffs, i don't want to post in "DLC" every time. Cheers.
  11. Kailux

    Export mutelist?

    For some stupid reason i can't post in "ArmA3 - Multiplayer" or other sections but only here, so mods please move this topic to the correct place and check my permissions. Thanks a lot. The question itself: how are ingame muted players (map -> players -> mute) handled? Are these information stored on the local machine or in the net? Is there a possibility to see/export a list of all players i have currently muted? Maybe even with their SteamID or the like? I use the mute option to mark intentional TKers, trolls, script kids and the like for myself so i can easily spot and kick them even if they change their ingame name. An ability to share this list with others would be a great help to improve gameplay.