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  1. Hi there, for the Arma 3 Launcher i need a user.config, because the Arma 3 Launcher don`t save the Launcher Option Settings under Proton/Wine. Thx. Edit: The config file should be in: C:\users\YourUsername\AppData\Local\Bohemia Interactive\Arma 3 Launcher_Url_43218f34f2f5e1f6a2c47daab82d3cb425579e57\
  2. BdMdesigN

    Arma 3 launcher does not work on linux

    You need Proton Experimental and the opt-in to the "Bleeding-Edge" Beta. You can see it here: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/1453877568 (German language)
  3. BdMdesigN

    Igiload Reloaded

    Ok i will look at the weekend on this. Did you install the script correct? Did it works?
  4. BdMdesigN

    Heli Pods Mod for Mods

    0.0.4: Fixed Game/Server crashes: If you drop/release the Pods in high the game/server chrash. The Tarupods are in EdenEditor now all in OPFOR --> CSAT --> Storage. The Pods are like a Car now, if you Slingload it. Maybe this will fix the Advanced Flight Systems problem
  5. BdMdesigN

    Heli Pods Mod for Mods

    If you use the Virtual Garage on your Server and want to store the Pods in the Garage, then you should chnage this Line in the class CfgVirtualGarage in your mpmission config file: allowedVehicleTypes[] = {"Car","Tank","Plane","Air","Ship","Submarine"}; to: allowedVehicleTypes[] = {"Car","Tank","Plane","Air","Pod","Ship","Submarine"};
  6. BdMdesigN

    Heli Pods Mod for Mods

    Mod was updated to V. 0.0.3 and Startpost was updated , too
  7. BdMdesigN

    Igiload Reloaded

    Added some supply creates and removed double supply creates: https://github.com/BdMdesigN/Igiload-Reloaded/releases/tag/0.0.5
  8. BdMdesigN

    Heli Pods Mod for Mods

    Added the readme-exile.txt in Startpost
  9. BdMdesigN

    Igiload Reloaded

    Added the Heli Pods Mod for Mods Classes to IgiLoad Reloaded. https://github.com/BdMdesigN/Igiload-Reloaded/releases/tag/0.0.3
  10. I have write a little Mod. This Mod will change the Classes from the Taru and Huron Pods. So you can lock/unlock in Exile Mod the Pods, do Paintjobs, changing Pins and you can sell the inventory from the Pods direct at the Traders and WasteDump. I have rebuild the Mod and i have create a new child class under the "AllVehicles" class. This class is the class "Pod". The class "Pod" is a light Clone from the "Air" class. The new Classtree are: AllVehicles >> Pod >> Heli_Pods >> Heli_Pods_Base_F >> Heli_Pods_Base_H >> Heli_Pods_Transport_01_Base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_01_Ammo_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_01_Cargo_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_01_Fuel_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_01_Medevac_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_01_Repair_F Heli_Pods_Transport_04_crewed_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_bench_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_bench_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_bench_black_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_covered_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_covered_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_covered_black_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_medevac_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_medevac_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_medevac_black_F Heli_Pods_Transport_04_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_ammo_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_ammo_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_ammo_black_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_box_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_box_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_box_black_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_fuel_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_fuel_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_fuel_black_F Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_repair_base_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_repair_F >> Land_Heli_Pods_Transport_04_repair_black_F In Editor the Huronpods are now in BLUFOR --> NATO --> Storage The Tarupods are in OPFOR --> CSAT --> Storage (Bench, Medical & Transport) and in OPFOR --> Supplies --> Storage (Ammo, Cargo, Fuel & Repair) Read the readme-exile.txt for the needed changes or the following Spoiler. 1. Open in your Missionfile the config file or the file where your Interaction Menus are and add in "class CfgInteractionMenus" after the following lines: so it should look like this: 2. Now add in your mpmission config file in "class CfgExileCustomCode" the following lines: 3. Go in the config file to the class "CfgVehicleCustoms" and add after: the following lines: 4. If you are done in the config file, you must copy the Custom folder from "mpmission_overwrites" in your mpmission root folder. Mod is from me aka LinuxGamesTV aka FastFireGames Known Bugs: nothing The Mod can grabbed on Steam Workshop: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2439083963 A Video (German speaking):
  11. BdMdesigN

    Igiload Reloaded

    Fixed the Pod bugs. The explode problem maybe, too. https://github.com/BdMdesigN/Igiload-Reloaded/releases/tag/0.0.2
  12. BdMdesigN

    Igiload Reloaded

    Ok i will check this at the weekend. Im at home now, eating some thing and than i go to bed. I have only at the Weekends time. And the other thing in the PM i use other Vehicles to add new Vehicles. Than you must find the correct position by try and error.
  13. Hi there, Back in 2016 i had updated Igiload with Apex Vehicles (Blackfish & Y32) and more. Now i have put my work on Github and i will support this Script again. At this time supported Vehicles to load Vehicles and Boxes on/in it are: All Exile_Car_Offroad All Exile_Car_Van & Exile_Car_Van_Box HEMTT Ural Open and Covered Zamak/Kamaz Tempest (only the Exile one, more comes later) Exile_Chopper_Mohawk_FIA Huron Hummingbird (only Creates) V3S Open and Covered Blackfish (Vehicles and Creates) Y32 (Vehicles and Creates) Hunter Ifrit Strider LandRover LandRover Ambulance Exile Vehicles that's can be towed, loaded or lifted: Bicycles Karts HEMTT Zamak/Kamaz Tempest Ural Strider Hunter Ifrid UGV (Vanilla Drones) Van & Van Box Offroad SUV Hatchback Lada Volha UAZ Octavius Tractor & Old Tractor Tow Tractor LandRover & LandRover Ambulance Quadbike B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F O_APC_Wheeled_02_rcws_F I_APC_Wheeled_03_cannon_F Golf V3S BRDM2 BTR40 HMMWV Prowler Qilin MB4WD Rubberboat Motorboat SDV Water Scooter RHIB (at this time only the Exile one) Boxes that can be loaded or lifted: B_supplyCrate_F, IG_supplyCrate_F, O_supplyCrate_F, I_supplyCrate_F, C_supplyCrate_F Box_NATO_AmmoVeh_F, Box_East_AmmoVeh_F, Box_IND_AmmoVeh_F Land_CargoBox_V1_F ASC_B_box I_CargoNet_01_ammo_F, O_CargoNet_01_ammo_F, B_CargoNet_01_ammo_F Box_NATO_Wps_F Box_East_Wps_F Box_IND_Wps_F Box_East_WpsLaunch_F Box_NATO_WpsLaunch_F Box_IND_WpsLaunch_F Box_IND_WpsSpecial_F Box_East_WpsSpecial_F Box_NATO_WpsSpecial_F Box_mas_all_rifle_Wps_F Box_mas_us_rifle_Wps_F Box_mas_ru_rifle_Wps_F Box_mas_mar_NATO_equip_F Box_mas_mar_NATO_Wps_F Box_NATO_AmmoOrd_F Box_East_AmmoOrd_F Box_IND_AmmoOrd_F Box_NATO_Grenades_F Box_East_Grenades_F Box_IND_Grenades_F Box_NATO_Ammo_F Box_East_Ammo_F Box_IND_Ammo_F Box_IND_Support_F Box_East_Support_F Box_NATO_Support_F Land_Cargo20_blue_F Land_Cargo20_brick_red_F Land_Cargo20_cyan_F Land_Cargo20_grey_F Land_Cargo20_light_blue_F Land_Cargo20_light_green_F Land_Cargo20_military_green_F Land_Cargo20_orange_F Land_Cargo20_red_F Land_Cargo20_sand_F Land_Cargo20_white_F Land_Cargo20_yellow_F And at last the Pods can be lifted, Slingloaded attached, detached at a Taru (Version without Pods on it) and loaded on a Truck: Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_ammo_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_ammo_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_bench_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_bench_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_box_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_box_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_covered_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_covered_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_fuel_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_fuel_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_medevac_black_F Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_repair_F, Land_Pod_Heli_Transport_04_repair_black_F B_Slingload_01_Ammo_F B_Slingload_01_Medical_F B_Slingload_01_Fuel_F B_Slingload_01_Repair_F B_Slingload_01_Cargo_F More Vehicles will come, inclusive CUP Vehicles. But i will add not all CUP Vehicles. The Vehicles we have in Exile and CUP, the CUP Version will not come. Tested with Exile 1.0.4a and works well. Github: https://github.com/BdMdesigN/Igiload-Reloaded
  14. Hi Burnes, thx for the great Mods but i have a problem with the LCAC: 11:08:50 Player [FCS-DE]-^oo^[Linux]: Wrong signature for file E:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Arma 3\@BurnesLCAC\addons\burnes_lcac.pbo I had redownload the file from the dropbox, but i get everytime this error. The MK 10 works fine. Yes i use the bkey from the Startpost. <Edit /> Can you fix that, please? So i can use this great Mod on my server?
  15. BdMdesigN

    arma 3 on game on linux

    Me, too and it's a shame thats the Linuxversion don't get any update after 1.54