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  1. cry me a river

    United States Air Force Mod (2019)

    Loving the update so far. I do have a few criticisms though. The main bay doors remain constantly open when the AIM-120C are selected and if there are still missiles left in the weapons bay. The way the function in real life is to only open when the missile is being launched; note that this does not apply to the side bays for the AIM-9X. Because these missiles need to have a direct line of sight and datalink usage can be sketchy in a dogfight with friendly aircraft around, the sidewinders are left in the slipstream with the bay doors open when the missiles are selected. The AIM120Cs are designed primarily for long range use and thus they always use a datalink for initial guidance; even when the bay doors are open the missile rails are not extended and so the missiles cannot see the target anyway. The AIM-120s can still be deployed at short range, but its riskier in real life (though this is not something that is replicated in Arma 3 game mechanics). The way we can better reflect this in game with the mod is to only open the bay doors when the missile or bomb is being ejected. The F-22's cannon sounds like a rat tat tat machine gun firing sound effect when it should be closer to a higher pitched version of the A-10s BRRRT There is currently no computer aided aim reticle for the gun. There is a special piper icon for the gun IRL that is also used by the vanilla game. The piper hovers over where the cannon shells will go given their ballistics and the plane's trajectory. In simple terms, it is a lead computer site. You simply put this sight over an enemy aircraft instead of guessing the amount of lead necessary yourself. Minor issue: The AIM-120's on the missile rack used for the service menu have "AIM-120B" written on them. I know you guys are busy finishing the rest of the mod, so please consider this only as a possible next step when you move towards polishing.
  2. cry me a river

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    Ill try it thank you
  3. cry me a river

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    how do I change the loaded magazine?
  4. cry me a river

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    This might be a silly question. How do you get a unit in the editor to spawn with a certain magazine loaded? I prefer the PMAGs for their appearance, but when I load up every vest, shirt, and backpack with PMAGs and then select the M4A1, the M4A1 has a STANAG mag loaded, removes one of the PMAGs from the vest, and adds a spare STANAG mag. Is there a way around this so I do not have to manually reload at the start of the mission to use the PMAGs?
  5. cry me a river

    How to get AA to shoot at missiles

    thanks mate
  6. Is there any script to get an AA turret or vehicle to shoot their autocannon at a missile that is manually spawned? I've been using this script to spawn missiles: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/200065-release-guided-missile-script/ I don't need the AA to be able to hit or shoot down the missile, just fire at its general direction continuously while tracking the missile as it flies overhead.
  7. Is there any way to create a static air to air missile such as the vanilla game's ASRAAM or AMRAAM and just have them sit there as static objects? I know they aren't in the object's list in the editor but I have found their classnames in the config viewer; any way to write a script that creates the static object? For aesthetics, I'd like to have a few AMRAAS sit by an aircraft parked on the tarmac, as if the aircraft were being serviced and re-armed.
  8. this works! Im having trouble with the next step which is to cause the unit to be set as captive and undergo the surrender animation when _hits is 2 or greater. Any ideas?
  9. I am creating a training scenario where the two opposing sides can shoot and hit each other. When an infantry unit is hit twice I want them to go into the surrender animation (place holder for now) and have themselves set to captive so they are not further engaged. However, I do not want anyone to actually die. I've tried using the event handler "hit" but this does not work on anything with set damage false. Is there anyway to count the number of times a unit is hit while also keeping that unit from taking damage?
  10. cry me a river

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I'm sorry I'm a little slow, sync what to what exactly? Right now I have the plane synced to the "CAS Bombing Run" module which is synced to a "Support Requester" module which is synced to the JTAC. It's how it normally works but when I press "0," then "8" to pull up support options the AC130 appears greyed out.
  11. cry me a river

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    do you have any ideas which ones? I played around with the support modules but none of them work. It almost seems that he uses a script to add an action to the scroll wheel menu.
  12. cry me a river

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    I watched one of fuller’s videos where he calls in an AI AC130 for support https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=8neeQ4jtO3U&feature=youtu.be I couldn’t quite get a good look at how it is done. Can anyone explain this to me please?
  13. cry me a river

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    How do I aim the air launched cruise missiles from the B2 bomber?
  14. I just tested the high command function but now every unit can take command of every blufor unit. In other words if a I add a random infantry soldier I can command every single squad, tank, jet, etc even though A. it is not synced with the high command module and B. none of the tanks or jets are synced with a high command subordinate module.