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  1. Thanks man, fixed this annoyance.
  2. 56Curious

    Zeus Virtual Entities Issues

    Hello, so i've been at this for a few days now, searching the web and just when I think i've got it, it throws something stupid at me and i'm losing the will the live :C. So here's an outline; The virtual entity module used to spawn like any other player, so I added "paramType.sqf" that I saw here which on my end worked. However, on the server, it would spawn the zeus into a black screen and if you press "Y", it will ping, not placeing you into zeus. I then looked at this which I found on the internet while searching paramType and I saw that they had used it alongside other things. I tried to implement relevent lines and I still get this black screen issue. I finally tried adding the offical version and working with that, however files tie into game files, which the "Arma Server" from the tools section on steam doesn't have, unless i'm mistaken. I've hit another brick wall that I think this time, i'm going to need help with getting past. The file is modded, using these mods. Any pointers in the right direction or running me thorugh things i've overlooked would be greatly appreciated. :D - Curious
  3. Sounds simple but has fixed before, does mission file have "Playable" Units? Alternativly, Alive does sound like it would do it because it runs off databases. It's proberly maxing it's data load, then incrorrectly loading and boot to mission file. Check your server logs for more help, hell even post them here and i'll take a look :3
  4. This kind of thing is to do with the mission file's Description.ext. The link can be daunting at first, so i'll run you through with what you asked for. Firstly we'll sort the names for the mission. onLoadName = "_Text_"; - will display your desired text when loading into the mission, good to have if not done already as well as in the lobby menu. (uselly mission name.) overviewText = "_Text_"; Displays text in the mission selection screen. class Header { gameType = COOP; // Game type displayed in server browser. minPlayers = 1; // Min # of players the MISSION supports. maxPlayers = 68; // Max # of players the MISSION supports, not server slots. Make sure # is greater than server slots. }; Full list of "gameType" parameter can be found Here. Alternativly, you can use the 3D editor and goto "Attributes" >> "General" >> "Sceanrio Name" // Change for Names "Attributes" >> "Multiplayer" >> "Type" // Change for GAMETYPE Hope this helped :D
  5. 56Curious

    How to set respawn tickets in Zeus

    If you're in 3DEN, then you can goto "Attributes" >> "Multiplayer" >> "Respawn" >> "Custom Respawn Position" >> "RuleSets" >> "Subtract Respawn Tickets" Then goto "System (F5)" >> "Modules" >> "Scenario Flow" >> "Respawn Tickets" >> "Then set up numbers. So 100 would be 100 respawns etc." Hope this helped. :D
  6. 56Curious

    Respawn issues, Zeus

    Hello I don't suppose either of you still follow this, however I made a post of an issue I was having and I used this. Don't suppose you could guide me in the right direction?
  7. Very cool, should help :3