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  1. The goal of this package is not just for one mission, yet various missions we going to play and do it without hassle. I don't want to putting every single scripts by hand and confuse others who also work on enhancing the mission. by using this package, it can be done by few clicks and it looks organized and easy to navigate.
  2. Hello, I don't know you still check this threads but, I'll give a go. So I recently found out this great scripts of yours, looks amazing and was going to apply on my server. It seems like scripts somehow trigger crash player's network. All the helicopter pilots got kicked out after min or so. I have no clue at all why this is happening. Have anyone report similar issue to you? Thanks in advance!
  3. While we are waiting for PO4, anyone play PO3 without any addons? My team is currently developing package that contains various scripts that enhance vanilla experiences. Such as 3rd view restriction, advanced sling load, air assault, ear plugs, and etc. If you community is doing similar thing, I would like to ask how do you guys enhance the mission. Thanks all!
  4. Q3? you meant September 30, 2017. The last day of Q3. But, I'm sure many of us here do agree with me that Roy don't need to wait that long to release. I know it's here.. I can smell it through my LAN cable.
  5. dat meme thou.. It's okay. We can wait. I'm just gonna sit on the ground and cry like 5 years old girl who want the cookie but mom won't let her. It's okay. don't mind me here.
  6. word..! As long as we can see this soon, I have no problemo. time to release the beast..! go!
  7. Can we poke the bear now? lol Thanks to summer sale, our public servers are packed now. Roy, don't you wanna present your masterpiece to more people? Welp, it's your chance! :D
  8. One of missions we have played were Domination 3 by Xeno. He put script that allow player to see in 3rd person view whenever they are on vehicle. I do have custom scripts that work same as his but his are work more smoothly; mine changed into 3rd person in millisecond and change back to 1st person view. Does PO4 have feature similar to this? and maybe earplug too? my ears are precious, you know. lol
  9. man you reference ATP for game? damn. time to put AR670-1 on effect now. We aren't that strict about gears but we do suggest our members to wear same uniform and take fair amount of ammo and items to stay up to two missions without additional supply. It's difficult nowadays players rely on air support and go into AO without even planning any second or third option. Because my community is almost one and only COOP server that does tactical operation on public server, many others don't really get into our play style. (many others play just FPS in server.) No doubt why we are so exciting and waiting for PO4. We have played Enemy assault, Annex and Invade, Domination, and other type of missions such as Liberation, BeCTI, and so many others. Yet, I personally think PO4 can beat all of this. Hope we can have hands on PO4 very soon. As always, thank you for great work Roy!
  10. PO3 that I played didn't have any weapons restriction. but I think there was option to enable it. am I wrong? I really like how missions restrict players what weapons they can use base on role they chose from lobby. Personally I'm not a fan of wearing VR suit, wearing the thickest armor, take TITAN and LINX, then put shiz tons of ammo on his bergan and run like it's nothing..
  11. Absolutely amazing. Sad thing is that's something BIS should've done, not end-user. tbh, I was very disappointing when I had first time I put my hands on USS freedom. They could've done more and better for players. I heard that we are going to have Malden in end of June along with release of Project Agro. I was wondering that are you also working on Malden too or just working on current vanilla maps? (Stratis, Altis, and Tanoa) Also don't you have paypal or patron for donation? I'm pretty sure including myself and some others will like to appreciate your work and dedication and willing to support this up. Great work, Roy. ps. I'm now getting this feeling that you are now really enjoying the teasing of others.. haha
  12. Too.much.teasing...! *die* So... June is here. You know what that means! Can't wait. ;D
  13. With respect Roy.. please stop tease us! I don't know others but I'm about to die out because of your tease! lol all the demo videos look . my community are super exciting for new PO4. summer is here, sun is too hot. time to sit on computer, black out the room, and play PO4 ;D Thank you for all the afford and craftsmanship you put on PO4! ps. btw, will there be a earplug? nowdays I can't play any without them lolol
  14. hey Roy, someone created aircraft loadout scripts to swipe the aircraft loadout ingame. Will PO4 have similar feature as well? or does end user need to edit the mission to utilize this feature? here's link: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=32755 many thanks!