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    CIA Ground Branch - FELON Compilation (cinematic) Task Force Mohawk Intelligence Section
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    OPERATION RUSTY SCIMITAR Task Force Mohawk - Libya Campaign (Pre-Deployment briefing cinematic)
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    TFM Action Compilation
  5. Hi all, This is regarding the old one-hand-on-rifle walk & jog animation. So I don't have too much information to share that could possibly isolate this issue; I wanted to see if off the hop, anybody has encountered this or something similar and knows how to rectify. During multiplayer sessions on our server, when guys are using a walking pace, the old walk animation will pop in for a duration of ~2 secs and moves the character forward on its own then will stop and raise the rifle. If you press any key other than character movement keys it will continue past stopping & raising your rifle and will then put you in what looks like an ACE bandaging animation (the kneeling bandaging other person one); then it ends. It seems to only occur if you're at a walking speed with weapon completely down, I haven't experienced it while actually maneuvering and engaging enemy. I run pretty much every modification, so it's going to be hard to corner the addon causing this, however I assume it's probably some pbo in my private gearpack as there is older work in there, could be causing conflicts I suppose but not too sure. If anyone has any ideas or fixes on this that you're willing to share, it's much appreciated. Cool Walk addon for ref: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=896073795 Thanks, Leeds
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    JSOC Insertion and Extraction Compilation
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    Intelligence mission CIA SAD/SOG Paramilitary officers
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    Task Force Mohawk | JSOC Action Compilation NSWDG & CAG
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    Task Force Mohawk | OWF Briefing
  10. Task Force Mohawk | Action Shot Omar al-Jumari KIA | Daesh sub-commander CryeGen3Uni, S4G, FunnyNVG
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