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  1. Does anyone have a large.massive Normandy map? The one provided is to small.
  2. Dutch Grenadier

    IF for Arma maps

    Greetings, Does anyone have or know where I can find maps to use in editor for Iron Front in Arma3? I need a large/massive map to use for France/Normandy. The 1 map (Omaha) provided is rather small.
  3. Thanks man! I'll see what I can do
  4. I'm sorry to go off topic but I can not create a new topic yet. So I ask it in here: Is it possible to use AI mortars in coop missions? I've created an coop MP mission and I would like to call in AI mortars. How can I set this?
  5. Dutch Grenadier

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    Can your mod be used with the latest LITE version?
  6. Dutch Grenadier

    Iron Front in Arma 3

    Hello, Thank you for creating a WW2 mod for Arma3. This looks awesome. Now how do I aquire this mod? Do I need to purchase the full version of Iron Front on Steam? Or is there a mod to download for Arma3? If you need playtester I'm part of a large community who also plays Arma3 coop.