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  1. Your New Map Looks Great! However, the well known terrain problems are so disheartening. Every player here has seen, and has had to deal with floating rocks, trees, bushes, AI, and Players due to terrain not displaying properly. No setting tweaks fixes this %100. The closest thing we can do is SEVERELY limit our view distance to the point where it is a handicap. Seeing players, objects, or AI through mountains and hills takes away from the game, and is borderline infuriating when you are shooting at something that is really on the other side of the mountain, but you can't tell until you shoot and watch dirt exploding where their body is. Terrain is crucial to a MilSim and just gameplay in general. Can you tell us that you have addressed this!! The screenshots I provided are nowhere close to the worst examples of this problem that EVERY player deals with. If you have better examples guys, post your pics!!!! (In my first picture...these AI were actually on the opposite side of the mountain...)
  2. NickNukem

    BOHEMIA Please Tell Us You Have Fixed This

    ^^^whoa. Yea that is nice. I'm gonna look into that. Thank you sir
  3. NickNukem

    BOHEMIA Please Tell Us You Have Fixed This

    Grass isn't responsible for people floating 20 ft in air. The only "technical or server" aspect to is object distance vs view distance. Regardless, it happens on every server. I've played ARMA for years, it's always been an issue. It's not video settings or computer specs. I have a $3,000 desktop. I'll take screenshots of the "grass" for you though, that only renders 100m from you anyway. I challenge you to be an adult with your next post.
  4. NickNukem

    BOHEMIA Please Tell Us You Have Fixed This

    All settings are on highest possible. Yes the server has an the exile script that takes away the grass. But this still happens regardless. Happens on Wasteland modes or whatever else you have. We have all seen this.
  5. What is the benefit of of this? Don't most people go for the opposite? Transferring TO SSD? I think your FPS will drop.
  6. NickNukem

    Exporting mission in EDEN

    Depending on what you need....Download M3 Editor from the A3 Launcher...has useful export options to create your own .sqf or .sqm files.
  7. NickNukem

    HTC Vive and ARMA?

    I backup the guy who was concerned with FPS....we would probably get seizures.
  8. NickNukem

    Is there a possibility?

    How much time do you spend looking at your character?
  9. NickNukem

    Helicopter Physics

    Autorotation is a standard (though yes an emergency) procedure and practiced dozens of times throughout flight training, unlike fixed wing aircraft...where you will never practice a "true" no-engine approach except in a simulator.
  10. Has anyone mentioned proper displayed terrain as a wanted feature...