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  1. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Is it just me, or is every drop down menu with triggers, etc in the 3d editor broken? I cannot select any of the options.
  2. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

  3. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    It is just me, or did bis break all of the scroll down options in 3D editor? I cannot change them.
  4. Beechman2129

    Mission Starts looking top down on AO

    I had this problem too. I removed the ACE module from my mission and that seemed to fix it.
  5. Hey Guys, I noticed that the 2D scripts will not work in the 3D editor. Everything is now done in the editor itself. I am having difficulty getting my Scenario Picture to work. In the 3D editor, I go to Attributes -> General -> and go to overview and it asks me for the path for the picture I plan on using. I tried using the Windows path, but to no avail. Anyone know what "path" it is asking for? Thanks
  6. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    No, it was a fresh mission.sql. I would copy and paste into the new mission file. I tested the mission without ACE3 running and this seemed to fix the issue I was having. I will test some more now to see if it was ACE or the recent visual update? Thanks
  7. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Ok. I did copy and paste my missions a few times, but the error keeps re-occuring every time I test it out. Thanks for the input.
  8. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Ok, so it is not what i did then? Will this issue be fixed?
  9. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Yes. I did that. But after a while, with a character selected as a player, it will still do that regardless. It has done this to every mission I have made. It is so fustrating
  10. Beechman2129

    EDEN Editor BUGS

    Hey Guys. I have made a Training map using the Eden editor. At some point, when I try to play my map in Singleplayer or Multiplayer, I get this weird "top down view" of my character way up in the air. I cannot move, or do anything. I don't know what do to. It's the mission, not the intro or outro. I will post screen shots of this. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=658384953 http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/458613230095298937/B7D95618573F14722BE29E9455939A34F99A816A/