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  1. It is 24 bits LWZ compressed i don´t know where´s the issue. Anyway here it is hope you find the way to solve it. http://www.mediafire.com/file/xwvvuin1cmvbx93/spain_mask.zip
  2. When i click generate it stays for about 10 minutes and more. And it never finish. No errors on rpt.
  3. miguel93041

    Building "floating" in ArmA 3 Editor

    I´m using pboProject v.2.24
  4. Hello, i have a problem with TB. The problem is that i have a building placed on the map and it is touching the ground. So when i binarize it, i get into the ArmA 3 editor and i see the building "floating" above the ground. I´ve tried deleting it from TB and placing it again, putting the object on editor and see if it floats. Nothing. Has anyone had this problem before?
  5. You´re welcome that´s for what this forum is. Let me know if it worked. I´m going to have a rest.
  6. Yes do that. Also check that the rvmats are referring to .paa files instead of .png
  7. Ok i´m pretty sure i know what´s happening here. Do what i said instead of splitting one image into 4 and import them. Try to create a 20480x20480px .bmp image and import it. Really im serious give it a try. I really think that´s the problem. -------- Also when creating layers you select the option where it converts the .png to .paa?
  8. Strange i "THINK" i did it into 40960 image in photoshop. Anyway can you post an image of this particular part on TB.
  9. I recommend by my experience making it 1m/px just because you´ll face problems in a future. And it´s not the same, you can make great imagery. Just one question. You´re referring that you have the SOURCE sat mask cut in 4 pieces or that TB cuts it into 4?
  10. Not possible to have each of the images to be 20480 x 20480 .bmp? I´ve never seen it spliting one photo in 4 pieces. I think you can´t or won´t to. Because TB already split them to create the layers. Just give it a try. And see it by yourself.
  11. Hello everyone :P I´ve been having a doubt, for example i have a fuel station placed on map (NOT MISSION) created by me (Addon) so i modify it and change the model or config, anything. Do i need to re-import the new updated addon to the map and pbo the map again, or just updating the addon on the client is enough? By the time i was re-importing it on map and making a pbo. But experimenting i had the addon updated on client, and when i had entered the map i saw my fuel station was updated.
  12. Hello today i´m here to talk about the way we do the normal map on Terrain Builder. I´ve checked this post a long time ago But in Terrain Builder there is already an option called "Export Normal Image" and it creates the rvmats too with the mask and sat. So after thinking how they do it, the first method just renames the RVMATs of the SAT and MASK images to Normal ones. And the second method (TB) is the same as the first but without renaming it. Let me explain it for you. First method: Second method: That´s what i´m guessing. So does someone here have experience enough to say if it is better the first method or the second one? (Forget about the .png files instead of .paa it is a testing :P) Thank you in advantage.
  13. Hello i´ve been trying to fix this error but i simply can´t. I don´t know why but when i´m spawning a car to the server increases the output and input of bandwith. When deleting this car (or without spawning it) i have out: 4 Kbps, in: 8 Kbps I´ve been fixing errors from my RPT that said about some animation source errors but no succed. The car is about 45000 faces (polys) but that´s not the problem because i´ve checked a car with 110000 faces (polys, not mine) and works perfect. MODEL.CFG https://pastebin.com/7WqwkcwS CONFIG.CPP https://pastebin.com/vFEpAR6K CFGPATCHES class CfgPatches { class Peugeot508 { // List of units defined in this "PBO" units[]= { "Peugeot_01_F" }; weapons[]={}; requiredVersion=0.1; // because we are using references to this addon, our test car should not be loaded if A3_Soft_F is not present requiredAddons[] = {"A3_Soft_F"}; }; }; I think you don´t need the basicDefines file because it´s from the arma 3 samples. And obviously i have binarised this model so that´s not the problem. If you need more information PLEASE tell me and i´ll try to post it.
  14. Ok i fixed it. Make sure you have in System32 these files: vcomp140.dll | vcomp110.dll | vcomp120.dll | vcomp100.dll | X3DAudio1_7.dll | XAPOFX1_5.dll You can download them from Microsoft Website (C+ 2013,2010... all of them) I had vcomp120.dll missing.
  15. I´m getting this error and i have tried everything, installing C+ 2013,2015... | .NET | Changing Dlls | Adding DirectX dlls to server directory | Done a fresh install via SteamCMD and steam tools... Nothing worked. If anyone knows about this and can help me i´ll be very appreciated. I´ve check also this post Event viewer says about a ntdll error but in that post they say the error is not that. So thank you in advantage.