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  1. awesome, thanks alot! :D
  2. Nation-Independant Arsenal nice work toadie! :o
  3. as eggbeast said, fire 2 a2a missiles per target :D first to force countermeasures, when those are deployed, fire the second quickly, timing is key, sometimes works against human players too :)
  4. csathdfw

    vector retexture problem

    - solved - a very nice dev just told me that vector will be retextureable with one of the next devbuilds ^_^
  5. Hello, retexturing the Vermin .45 SMG (Vector/SMG_01) is currently impossible, I`ve been told by [da12thMonkey] that it seems its .p3d is not set up for using hiddenSelections and hiddenSelectionsTextures via config file. I`ve been trying to retexture some of the vanilla weapons and got the Mk18 (M14EBR/srifle_EBR_F) aswell as the TRG21 variants (TAR-21/arifle_TRG21_F/arifle_TRG21_GL_F) working with a custom texture by creating a new class from each of the weapons mainclass. As to the Vector, I had no such luck, the weapon kept its original texture no matter what. Any chance that the vector`s .p3d will be changed in a future update to accept hiddenSelections and hiddenSelectionsTextures?
  6. csathdfw

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    thanks alot :)
  7. bulletproofing a vehicle is done by using the right materials in the .p3d what you are experiencing is maybe: crewVulnerable=0; that is making AI not wanting to shoot at occupants inside the vehicle.
  8. csathdfw

    RHS Escalation (AFRF and USAF)

    please start to use 2048x2048 texture sizes instead of 4096 ones... the later dont make stuff look better, but drain fps waaay more
  9. awesome mod, great work! I can`t, or rather don`t want to play without it anymore :D
  10. csathdfw

    Killoch's MultiNational Pack

    nice pants! thanks for the hard work you put in this :) Ive read it in the replies here earlier, the config.bin/cpp included is just jibberish when trying to open it, if I use mikero`s tools, either it crashes, or just shows a "-" in the output window. Ive been wanting to edit the containerclass= values down to a more vanilla like space.