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    I appreciate your replies a lot. It works in the initplayerLocal.sqf. However, there seems to be a lot of information, which I don't really grasp. How did you know to put it in the initplayerLocal.sqf instead of init.sqf? Where is the best place to go if I want to learn and understand this sort of thing myself? There also seems to be a slight difference in your code, versus the code in the original file: Yours: waitUntil {!isnil "BIS_manLost"}; IS_manLost = FALSE; The original: BIS_manLost = FALSE; How did you know to change that piece of code?
  2. Kattemageren


    Thanks for the reply. It did not work unfortunately.
  3. Kattemageren


    Thanks for the reply. It did not work unfortunately.
  4. I assumed that my n00b status meant, that I should ask my question in a thread that was intended for n00bs. I have tried searching the forums, but I don't even exactly know, what an answer might look like, so I don't know what I'm looking for. I did ask the question in the Warlords forum, but since I'm not just interested in knowing the answer for warlords (that is just the given example), but the answer in general (that is to the question; how do you override any .sql file with your own modified file?) I figured it might fly in a non-specific thread. I'm sorry for my bad, I apologize.
  5. How do I make my mission override an sql file provided by arma (Warlords) and use mine in the mission folder instead? I have tried to put [this] execVM "fn_WLReputation.sqf"; in an init.sqf, I have tried #include in the description.ext, and to be completely honest, I don't really know how those commands function, I'm just experimenting.
  6. Kattemageren


    How do I make the mod read my modified sqf files, instead of those in the mod? Example: Let us say, I want to change the reputation gain to 1 per second. I have made the file "fn_WLReputation.sqf" in the missions folder and modified it as such: IS_manLost = FALSE; while {TRUE} do { _t = time + 1; waitUntil {time > _t || BIS_manLost}; if (BIS_manLost) then { BIS_manLost = FALSE; if (BIS_WL_matesAvailable > 0) then { BIS_WL_matesAvailable = BIS_WL_matesAvailable - 1; }; } else { if (BIS_WL_matesAvailable < 9) then { BIS_WL_matesAvailable = BIS_WL_matesAvailable + 1; }; }; How do I have the mission refer to my modified sqf file, rather than the mod file in the Warlords mod folder?
  7. Kattemageren


    I've followed the guide to the letter, and I still got what looks like the same error: while {_funds >= _cost && _cnt < (4 - count units _this)}> 13:43:25 Error position: <_cost && _cnt < (4 - count units _this)}> 13:43:25 Error Undefined variable in expression: _cost 13:43:30 Error in expression <purchasableUnits # _i; _cost = _cost + (_bought # 1); if (_funds >= _cost) then > 13:43:30 Error position: <_bought # 1); if (_funds >= _cost) then > 13:43:30 Error Undefined variable in expression: _bought 13:43:30 Error in expression <tFinal = 0; _cnt = 0; Even when I copied the tutorial into the description without changing anything.