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  1. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=234490213&searchtext=Joint_Task_Force_with_Naval I like this mission concept, especially for the type of clan we are. I've been searching hard but I can see anything like it that actually functions. Thanks in advance for the tips!
  2. Much love to the Devs for this mod! Absolutely love it! I have one question though, is it just me or the monitors don't function at the moment? PS. I have PIP all the way up.
  3. Really looking forward to implementing fastroping into my clan! Really great work!
  4. jachin

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    Please guys take over 7 studios US Naval Warfare Pack! They're shutting down and deleting their project files! Would be a great additions to the USAF mod! I would also love to help out with the sound design if you have any spots open :)
  5. Is it just me or the map doesn't show up when looking for it in the editor?
  6. Looking forward to the ships release! what a super list of craft! :D are screen shots somewhere?
  7. jachin

    Ingame 9Liners & Notepad

    would it be possible to add HELICOPTER LANDING ZONE BRIEF liner and 6 line for helo CAS? Love this addon btw super helpful! http://www.krauselabs.net/dump/CASQuickReferenceSheet.pdf
  8. is this released!? :o me want!!!!!!!
  9. jachin

    EDEN - Questions

    I need a little help with a small script issue I'm having. I'm trying to be able to collect multiple pieces of intel one by one. Such as a map, photos and so on. So far the script below works fine on its own but when I add more of the same script for the other pieces of intel, either it picks them up all up on a loop or picks up one piece and leaves the rest. How do I separate it for the different pieces? Am I missing something? player switchmove "AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon_gear_AmovPercMstpSrasWrflDnon"; sleep 0.5; deletevehicle intel;
  10. jachin

    EDEN - Questions

    That's what I don't get, what am I supposed to do with the code. Is it just make a .ext text doc and thats it? Update: Never mind I got it now! :) it was actually quite simple! Thanks for your help!
  11. jachin

    EDEN - Questions

    Hey all, I'm a newbie to mission making, more into it now that it's easier to see what I'm actually doing. Can someone please explain to me how to create a simple respawn within the new editor. I've tried looking at tutorials but I can't find the steps for the new editor. Also how do I give V-Arsenal access to all weapons and so on to players? Much appreciated for the advice!
  12. jachin

    [SP/COOP] UNSUNG Rescue Mission

    For some reason when I load it up, there are no player slots, and when I load up the mission in SP I get a memory error? I have it updated to 1.56
  13. I get the same error, the mod hasn't been updated to fit CBA v2.2.0 ... Sucks cause I really enjoy this mod.