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    Started playing OPF a long time ago.. now it's Arma 3.
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  1. Pjetu

    Real World Map

    https://pmc.editing.wiki/doku.php?id=arma3:terrain:ultimate-terrain-tutorial The best source of anything related terrain making. Most video tutorials found on Youtube are somewhat outdated due to the 1.60 update.
  2. Go for a generic terrain because there is no telling when there will be some sort of a Star Wars mod. So I'm saying go for option two. Three would be way too much work and pointless without any Star Wars units and vehicles.
  3. How many ground textures do you have? You can't have over 4 different textures and a terrain normal map as long as I remember.
  4. Here is a MEGA link for a folder with all the "maps" from ARMA X Anniversary.
  5. Pjetu

    Slideshow briefing

    If you are using Ace 3 just use the slideshow module or function and save time. Read more about the function here: http://ace3mod.com/wiki/framework/slideshow-framework.html#create-slideshow The module is pretty self-explanatory.
  6. Now I don't want to ruin anything but shouldn't this thread be in the Arma 3 - Addons & Mods Discussion forum instead of here because there is no download link provided.
  7. New enterable buildings? Lush forests? That's awesome.
  8. Does anyone actually know the names of autumn colored trees and bushes on summer terrains? I can gladly retexture them. Edit: I mean if the problem is related to non-existent summer textures.
  9. Well I just realized that you can vote ONE admin by using #vote admin "name" Obviously you need to convince people to vote someone or you to be one. BTW BI should add new 32 player Game Master modes for NATO, AAF and CSAT because the only 32 player game mode available is hectic due to players being on different sides. 16 players is too low.
  10. As the title says, official multiplayer servers need either admins or team killing needs to be disabled. Why? If you have ever tried playing Zeus Game Master in multiplayer you know it's total cancer due to team killing noobs and trolls. The worst thing about this that there is no way to keep this from happening. You can start a vote kick but people rarely vote and it doesn't keep trolls from reconnecting. In End Game the problem isn't that bad because there is a solid objective and it's easier to ignore trolls. In Zeus however trolls can ruin everything by destroying friendly vehicles and team killing. Possible solutions: - Community admins who know their stuff and have rights to kick and ban people. Obviously this would take a lot of effort. - Give game masters rights to kick people. Easier solution but obviously chance for abuse would be higher. - Disable team killing. This solution would be the easiest one but it has drawbacks like realism would suffer. Please tell your thoughts. Also I'm sorry if this is not the right place to post this.
  11. @raspu86 @rekkless @timothyj080 You have my greatest gratitude for helping me. The problem has been fixed and it indeed was an issue with the userconfig.
  12. All I've done was uploading the task force radio folder to the server using FTP and adding it to the command line. So am I supposed to do something else too? Or are the DLLs supposed to run in the mod folder? Is it about the server provider not allowing them to run?
  13. Sadly it seems like there is no way of removing those quotes from the startup parameters. like seen in this picture:
  14. Is this the file generated after you launch/shut down the server? Edit: I will post it when I can access the server again. Edit2: Here is what I get if I disable -nologs