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  1. First and Foremost we are Task Force Razor. We strive to maintain a well rounded, tactical military simulation group within Arma 3. Built in 2014, the core members of this unit have built and expanded to what it is today. With a majority of our members from Active Duty, Veteran Military, and Experienced Arma Series Players, you could not find a better unit to join. If you are interested in becoming a part of this unit, please feel free to join our Unit Teamspeak and request to speak with a Recruiter/In-Processing Cadre immediately. They will be able to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have. Sections: 3-187 IR, 101st AB (Airborne) ODA 1121, 1st SFG 1st SOA (Special Operations Aviation) * 160th SOAR * 38th Rescue Squadron (PJ) * 74th Fighter Squadrion What we offer: Monthly Deployments | A Relaxed Environment | Variety of MOS's | Active Community | Weekly Operations | Invade & Annex Server | Unit Requirements: 16+ | Arma 3 (optional for APEX) | Microphone | Ability to attend weekend events | Teamspeak 3: Web sight: http://www.taskforcerazor.com/
  2. Hello Firewill. One question I had about this GPK mod, I have downloaded and and several of my buddies and we can put the turrets on fine without ACE3 turned on but when you have ACE3 on it doesn't seem to work and we cant seem to get in the turret from outside or inside the vehicle. I have watched your video several times and nothing is working. So the question is am I doing something wrong?
  3. Hello BI I'v been a long time fan of this series and although there are a lot of wants for this game. Many of my friends (i.e. military vets) would just simple like that instead of the weapons on your back you would sling them on your front like we do in real life and the AT to be across your back instead of up and down. I know this is asking a lot but it does kinda erk us military veterans that play this series of game.
  4. Hello. Just have to say that this Vehicle is amazing in game. We have used this in Task Force Razor ever since you released it and it is a game changer for Light Infantry in our missions. I do understand that it is not finished but we love this vehicle. The only question I have so far is there any plans on moving over to make the Stryker ICV and all its variants for Arma 3. The Arma 2 Port is out but it hasnt been updated with suspension or re-textured for Arma 3. I look at both of the Vehicles you have made the Ridgeback and M1117 Guardian ( we have both in our mod pack and love them.) and they are both amazing and well needed in Arma 3. We at TFR are just wondering if there is one mod maker out there that has your level of expertise to make these Styrker ICV's. Thank you and please keep up the good work.