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  1. Ok, so it works perfectly, thanks 😉 But... is there a way to a delay on it? Like, the unit respawns only after x seconds...
  2. Oh, I didn't notice it was a link, sorry.
  3. And how exactly should I place that code on the initServer.sqf and use CfgFunctions? That's all chinese for me 😅
  4. Looks interesting... I'll take a look. Thanks! 🙂
  5. Hello there! I'm making a shooting range and I have some moving soldiers (FIA Rifleman) as targets. They're setup individually (not in groups), and their behaviour is careless and to never fire, so they don't react in any way when being shot at. Now, the point is, obviously, to kill them. But it wouldn't be much fun if you could it only once. So I need to respawn them... That part I've managed to do (I think). What I can't do, is respawning each one of them with their respective waypoints and their behaviour. The idea is to have an object from which I can call the script. So... How do I do it? (btw, this is kinda "urgent"...) Thanks for the help! :)
  6. Hey! 🙂 I need a detailed template for the AFV-Gorgon, if possible in .psd format. I've looked in the suggested links on this topic, but the ones I've found don't allow to "paint" some parts that would be interesting. For example, the underside of the vehicle, wheel cavities, smoke launchers, etc still stay green... Can anyone help? Thanks!!
  7. I'm using this "Land_Balloon_01_air_F" createVehicle getMarkerPos "b_1_1", 0, "CAN_COLLIDE"; I don't get any error, but the balloons still spawn about 2m to the left/right where they were supposed to... The Z of the marker is 0, could that be the problem?
  8. Can you describe what exactly that does? I know very little of scripting. Also, another piece of info I think is important: the infantries are individuals, not a team. So, even if the range has 4 soldiers, they're 4 separate entities, each with his waypoint. The respawn would be better if available from an action menu on an object (a sign, for example).
  9. I got the ballons spawn kinda solved... If I use this I get the balloons to respawn, but they respawn about 1 or 2 m right to the marker, except for the last, that goes left of the marker. They're supposed to spawn on top of a barrell. I'm using epty markers as... well, markers. Suggestions?
  10. Greetings! :) I'm making a shooting range with 4 "lanes" of static targets (balloons) and another 4 of moving infantry. In the case of infantry, it will have about 4 or 5 units per "lane", each with a set fo waypoints, most of them just a back and forth pattern (A <-> B), and maybe one on a square pattern. Now the problems... 1- The ballons will obviously be destroyed when hit. I need them to respawn on position. 2- The infantry will obviously react when beeing shot or when they see a player. I need to avoid this. 3- The infantry will also die when hit by the shot... obviously 😄 So... I have to make a script (do I?)... of which I know nothing about... Basically I need: - AI that doesn't react to anything, just keeps going through it's waypoints, even if WW 3 starts next to it. - AI that respawns on their original starting position and restarts their specific waypoints. - Balloons that respawn on their position (Z coordinates important here, since they'll be on top of something) - And the cherry on top: make all this available through an option on the action menu that shows up when get close to a certain item. (per lane) All this is on a MP mission that will be run on a dedicated server. Thank you for the help :)
  11. I'm having that exact problem. Any workaround?
  12. Hey folks! :) Hope everything's fine with you. So... two "problems": 1 Everyone knows the waypoint that we can create on the map via shif+click. That option can be turned off, but the thing is it affects everyone, i.e., either it's on for everyone, or off for everyone. Is it possible, probably via script, to have that option (or similar) only for certain players? 2 Similar to the previous point but regarding 3rd person view: is it possible to allow it only for certain players? Thanks for the help :)
  13. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Problem solved. For some reasons my Wi-Fi board on the PC could get enought signal from the router, which is wierd because I ahd speeds like 60/70 upload and usually around 10 of downlaod. The cell phone could get a nice connection, no problem at all. It's just wierd... Anyway, what I did was getting a Wi-Fi repeater, and connected it to the pc with a lan cable. Thanks for the help anyway :)
  14. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Well, kind of. I'd have to pass some meters of cable through the house, since the router is "fixed" on the first floor, and the computer is in the second floor. The distance, which in s straight line might be something sround 3 or 4 m, and having a floor in between slows down the connection, obviously. However, I usually have around 60/70 Mbps of upload speed, but only 10/15 of download (in good days), which doesn't make sense, becasue the connection is exactly the same and is going via Wi-Fi both ways. Also, I don't think that might be the problem, because as I said, it only happens with Arma and only if I'm inside the game. Right now, as I write this, I'm playing with my unit and if I alt-tab into the game, the problem shows up immeadiatly. In fact, I've disconnected about 4 times already.
  15. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Nothing big or that I can remember, except I now have Arma and mods installed on a dedicated SSD. But I had the problem before, I just did that change because the disk I had before was getting too full and I couldn't play with more that 10 fps. My internet connection is now (since December '18) 100Mbps optic fibre to the router. Router --> PC is wireless connection. Before this I had a 4G router and the only time I had this kind of problem was when the ISP made traffic shapping to my connection, but then the problem would be with everything that used internet, not just Arma and TS, so it was expected and understandable.