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  1. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Problem solved. For some reasons my Wi-Fi board on the PC could get enought signal from the router, which is wierd because I ahd speeds like 60/70 upload and usually around 10 of downlaod. The cell phone could get a nice connection, no problem at all. It's just wierd... Anyway, what I did was getting a Wi-Fi repeater, and connected it to the pc with a lan cable. Thanks for the help anyway :)
  2. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Well, kind of. I'd have to pass some meters of cable through the house, since the router is "fixed" on the first floor, and the computer is in the second floor. The distance, which in s straight line might be something sround 3 or 4 m, and having a floor in between slows down the connection, obviously. However, I usually have around 60/70 Mbps of upload speed, but only 10/15 of download (in good days), which doesn't make sense, becasue the connection is exactly the same and is going via Wi-Fi both ways. Also, I don't think that might be the problem, because as I said, it only happens with Arma and only if I'm inside the game. Right now, as I write this, I'm playing with my unit and if I alt-tab into the game, the problem shows up immeadiatly. In fact, I've disconnected about 4 times already.
  3. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Nothing big or that I can remember, except I now have Arma and mods installed on a dedicated SSD. But I had the problem before, I just did that change because the disk I had before was getting too full and I couldn't play with more that 10 fps. My internet connection is now (since December '18) 100Mbps optic fibre to the router. Router --> PC is wireless connection. Before this I had a 4G router and the only time I had this kind of problem was when the ISP made traffic shapping to my connection, but then the problem would be with everything that used internet, not just Arma and TS, so it was expected and understandable.
  4. PCanas

    Arma 3 is messing my connection

    Yes. The problem is recent, I started noticing it about a month ago or so. I'm connected to my router via Wi-Fi. I think the connection is at 150Mbps. It might be from that, but it's strange because it only happens in the conditions I mentioned above, and it didn't happen before...
  5. Hello! I recently noticed that everytime I'm in the game (full screen or windowed / SP or MP) something happens with my internet connection, or at least, with Team Speak: I start hearing everyone with very low quality and robot-like voices, lot's of "breaks" in the sound, until eventually it disconnects. Now here's the "funny" part: it happens only if I'm IN the game. And it doesn't matter what I'm doing, I just need to be in the game, even if I'm just staring at the main menu. But if I Alt+Tab... everything is fine. No error messages, no BSODs, no programs stop responding, nothing major. Team Speak just starts loosing connection until it disconnects completely, and won't connect again if I don't Alt+Tab from the game (or at least it will take more time to do so). Could it be from TS? Yes, but I doubt it, becasue it only happens with Arma 3, so lets discard that option for now. Any idea what might be causing this? What kind of aditional info do you need to investigate this issue? Thanks in advance :)
  6. This has probably been asked and answered before, but couldn't find it, so... Will long range radios relay short range radios? For example, let's say my radio operator dies and I have a short range radio. If I set my short range to the same frequency of the long range, will I get the same range? Obviously not because of the frequency, but because I'm close to a long range and it realys. (??) Basically, will it go short range --> long range --> HQ??
  7. Ok, taxi is working. Thanks :) Now, about the respawn. In the script you posted before 0 = [] spawn { while {!isNil "respawn_FOB"} do { if (alive myVehicleFOB) then { "respawn_FOB" setMarkerPos getPos myVehicleFOB; } else { "respawn_FOB" getMarkerPos aPosition; waitUntil {sleep 2; alive "respawn_FOB}; }; sleep 2; }; }; "respawnFOB" is the name of the marker? "meVehicleFOB" is the name of the vehicle?
  8. That's the part I don't understand. "Vehicle" is the name of the vehicle? "This" refers to the waypoint (since you're writting it on the wp)? " "Land" " (the one with "") is the name of the helipad or whatever location it has to land?
  9. Ok, I got the first waypoint, but I'm not understanding exactly what code I have to where after that...
  10. I may be able to make the taxi work. At least I've managed for the heli to take off after 10sec of blufor present in the trigger area. The odd part is the timer only counts if I'm outside the heli, so I have to stand outside and wait for the heli to start it's engines, and then enter the heli. It flies to destination, lands (takes a while...) I'm automatically "kicked" from heli and then it returns to base and lands. Repeating, however, didn't work... Now, about the script, what parts are variable names I should change, and where should I put them?
  11. Thanks :) will try that.
  12. Hello there o/ This goes a bit beyond just setting multiple respawn points. I'm making a mp mission where you have to take a convoy from a FOB to a city. One of the convoy vehicles is a respawn vehicle, and it's supposed ot be the main respawn point. However, if the vehicle gets destroyed, the respawn point will be in the FOB. Basically, what I want to do is when a player dies he gets to the respawn screen where he can choose between the vehicle and the FOB. In the FOB there will be an heli that's meant to work as a "taxi". My idea is the heli will be there until someone (blufor) gets in. Then the heli will fly to a specific location in the city, land, wait for players to get out, and then return to FOB. This must, obviously, be repeatable. Also, the AI pilot must ignore every threat, and be as good as possible. So... 1- How do I set the multiple respawn points? I know how to create a normal respawn point, but how do I make one of them be the convoy vehicle, and how do I make it possible for the player to choose between vehicle and FOB? 2- How do I setup the "taxi"? Thanks for the help :) (mods used: RHS USAF, ACE, ASR AI3)
  13. PCanas

    Side panels not showing properly

    Seems to work. Thanks :)
  14. Hey :) So, since some update ago (can't remember wich, but probably one of the last 3 or 4) my GPS/side panels don't show properly. All I get is a thin line, probably 2 or 3 pixels wide, by a few dozens tall. You can see it this screen shot: Look closely. If you count 7 squares to the right, from the head, you'll see 2 little "glitches". Those are the side panels. If I move around, there's some change in them: the white/black "pattern" changes. So apparently they work, they just don't show right. If I go the display menu, where you can arrange the location and size of the several elements in the screen, they show up properly, but in-game, they don't. Suggestions? Thanks in advance :)
  15. Might work... I actually used that to attach some smoke grenades into planes to make a flyby with the flag colors. Worked nice. Funny thing is the planes flew as intended with normal waypoints, only minor tweeking needed. I have 5 planes in a V formation, they're all independent from each other and each has it's own waypoint. They fly straight, in formation. Apparently, ground units can't do that...