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  1. ZHC V1.1.0 Release https://github.com/TMZulu/ZHC/releases/tag/v1.1.0.32 Changelog: Added Debug GUID Whitelist Shifted FPS map markers Fixed Zeus Holding error with module added Zeuses Added Dynamic Simulation Support / Caching Added RPT Logging Important Note: Dynamic Simulation support is Experimental. As such, it is disabled by default. As with regular dynamic support AI that are out of range of players will no longer be simulated. This will allow for a Zeus to be able to spawn AI all over the map with minimal FPS impact. However, AI will not move unless players are in range of them so Zeus spawned QRF forces may not be able move if out of the dynamic simulation trigger range. Please report any issues in the Issue tracker: https://github.com/TMZulu/ZHC/issues
  2. Of course I missed something 😆. Could have sworn I checked that. Oh well, its fixed now.
  3. Introducing ZHC! ZHC is a mod based Headless Client system created for Arma 3 that is designed to be flexible and efficient for both large and small communities. It is designed to be completely flexible with features and functionality through the use of CBA Settings and Keybinds. You can read about it more, report bugs, make suggestions, and help contribute on Github! https://github.com/TMZulu/ZHC Core Features Complete Flexibility of Functionality Through Use of CBA Settings and Keybinds Adjustable Timing Expandable HC Limit HC Rebalancing Server and HC FPS Display Message-based Debug system Visual Debug System Dynamic Simulation Support (Experimental in V1.1.0) Additional Features Zeus Holding / Transfer Control Emergency Offloading (HC/Zeus Disconnect Handling) Unit HC Blacklisting Achilles/Ares/ZEN Garrison Compatibility Naked Unit Prevention/Reduction Server Statistics Markers And More! Downloads Download ZHC Available on Steam Workshop Requires CBA
  4. Hello, I am trying to create a company v company PvP mission. This being said, I have a bit of a lack of in depth knowledge when it comes to controlling multiple players in the middle of a mission to create a custom respawn wave. To clarify, I have platoon markers that update dynamically based on group leader positions. Once a player dies they respawn on debug island and enter into spectator while being forced into grpNull. This mission incorporates an admin game master controlling mission start via public variables and the admin debug console. I have run into trouble when trying to figure out how to incorporate a respawn wave that will form a new platoon or squad. I am not sure how to get the list of player on debug island and then use that list to create a new squad/platoon. I suppose I will have to incorporate a dialog for players to choose their slots/role in this new platoon. I know how to group the players as well as applying new dynamic markers. I'm just not sure how to get the players identified and then resorted into groups. To simplify, I want the script to: Get a list of players on debug island/dead pool Reorganize those players into a platoon Allow the platoon's squads to have dynamic markers on the leaders, PL & SLs Be triggered by admin game master Will likely have to incorporate dialog to select slots/roles( if anyone has an good resources for something like that let me know) Feel free to ask if you need me to clarify anything. Any resources or references help. Code as it stands(basically just the name generator for markers): _names = ["Delta","Echo","Foxtrot","Golf","Hotel"] while {true} do { waituntil {(respawnWaveB == 1)}; respawnWaveB =0; if ((player distance (getmarkerpos "respawn")<2000)) do{ private ["_wave","_firstLetter","_plName"]; _wave = waveBNumber - 1; _plName = _names select _wave; _s = _plName splitString ""; _firstletter = _s select 1; _markerL = _plName; _marker1 = [_firstletter,"1"] joinstring ""; _marker2 = [_firstletter,"2"] joinstring ""; _marker3 = [_firstletter,"3"] joinstring ""; };//close if };//close while
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  6. I seem to have a similar problem where I have a script that allows a player to create their own loadout but it seems that none of the primary magazines are spawning. Here is a snippet: removeAllWeapons player; removeAllItems player; removeAllAssignedItems player; if (isNil "primary") then{ }else{ if (primary == "mx")then{ player addWeapon "arifle_MX_F"; for "_i" from 1 to 5 do {player addItemToVest "30Rnd_66x39_caseless_mag";}; player addItemToVest "30Rnd_66x39_caseless_mag"; }else{ }; }; It was working initially but it seems to have stopped working when I integrated it into a dialog and added an infinite loop for telling if someone logs into admin. Again, It spawns the rifle, the handgun, the ammo for the handgun, and some extra items later on in the script but no rifle magazines. **Keep in mind this isn't just for the mx but for other rifles in the same script too** Anyone have any idea what is the problem?
  7. Hello, I am relatively new to scripting in Arma 3 and would like to learn how to make these types of loadout selection guis/dialogs that include class selection like the one shown here as well as the ability to select and modify the loadouts. Unfortunately for me there is no real true good tutorials that I could find that really go in depth with dialogs and all of their aspects and how they work. Does anyone know of any really in depth or tutorials or walkthroughs that really get into these lists and how they work and how to make selection lists?