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  1. Hello guys, I'm posting this here after and entire afternoon of testing searching through the net for possible solutions to a problem that I've encountered. As the tittle says, I'm using the ArmA Remote Admin extended tool for setting up my server. I've been using the tool for a while and never encountered a problem such as this: whenever I load a series of mods the server will still upload and open, but it won't recognise the mods loaded into it by the launcher. The stranger thing is that I've no problem login in the server with all the mods manually loaded, and it'd play fine. So after tinkering for a while, I absolutely don't know what's happening. Even when I try loading other mod list by code it works fine. Here is the Game Server Executable Parameters code that is giving me all this nuisance: -port=2302 "-config=C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\configs\server.cfg" "-profiles=C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\serverprofile" "-bepath=C:\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Arma 3 Server\battleye" "-servermod=@arametrics;" -loadMissionToMemory "-mod=@906748433;@820924072;@767380317;@766491311;@753946944;@724653802;@333310405;@1435263885;@1291442929;@1104460924;@723217262;@620019431;@338988835;@1524710775;@1496363537;@1202636528;@1380910978;@1380911275;@641305739;@1322658526;@825222328;@828493030;@773759919;@773314286;@1348553859;@1507963938;@1507586063;@950999958;@660460283;@891433622;@583544987;@583496184;@708250744;@463939057;@620260972;@450814997;" Any idea on where the trouble is? Is there any limit on how many mods the tool can recognise? Thanks in advance, Mitchel.
  2. Mitchel

    The Newcomers' Introduction Thread

    Hi there, I happen to have been frequenting these forums for a while and now just want to be a tad more active around here
  3. Thank you very much!
  4. Mitchel

    [WIP] Greatcoat WW2

    Great stuff, we really need these things for winter scenarios.
  5. Sorry for the necro, but is there any official post/topic where one can make a presentation? I don't happen to find any.
  6. Mitchel

    [R3F] Logistics

    Hi there guys I'm having troubles with implementing this script into my mission: when I launch my mp mission the server refuses to start it and returns me this error: "Script functions\R3F_LOG_dlg_CV_btn\fn_HitZone.sqf not found" So I've been trying to find said .sqf on the files (both original mission and mine), but can't get to find it or fix the mission. I've run out of ideas on how I could solve this so I'm posting this here for help. I do apologise if this is the wrong place but don't know where else to ask. Thanks for your time
  7. Hi, I've been messing around with the module 'cause I want to use it in my MP mission. The thing is that I've been having some issues which are: 1) When trying to set a player/AI as an under-covered unit in-mission via Zeus, said unit won't be recognised and then this message will pop up "no vehicle selected" with nothing happening. 2) If I use the module via Eden editor I sync all player units without any problem, but when launching the server with the mission some players will appear as undercover agents and some not. Then if the ones under-covered load a presset using the Arsenal some of those will remain as agents and the other will change to their side, when this happens these players won't be able to regain their cover even if they get the option to holster their weapon. 3) When someone dies he won't have anymore the option to holster his weapon after respawning So I want to know if there's a reason why I'm having these issues and if there's a way to solve them. Thanks in advance. P.S.: I've been searching on this topic if someone have had this problem, if so and if this has been asked before I apologise.