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  1. Ok, i think I understand that part now, thanks. So functions initialized this way are compileFinal'd? So the following: MyTag_fMyFunction = (compilefinal preprocessfilelinenumbers "Functions\fMyFunction.sqf"); Is only needed if I did not initialize the functions in description.ext??
  2. This thread is very helpful as I am trying to learn this whole deal about how to initiate and call functions in a proper way! Thanks I wouldn't even know how to do this part... Could you (or anyone) provide an example of how this is done?
  3. Actually It didn't really make sense to me at least. Could you explain in bullet points what you want to happen?
  4. Also, what error do you get when trying to open it in the editor? Did you delete any items in the .sqm? If you did thats a nono since it should only be done in the editor so that new item numbers are assigned properly. But yeah, post the code
  5. Whats wrong with that way as long as it works ;) How did you scrpit the plane being hit by a missile? Mind publishing the code?
  6. I don't think you need any isServer clauses. The DAC functions take care of that and make sure everything runs where it's supposed to. At least I found it works fine for a dedicated server and all clients can see the markers
  7. Glad I can help ^^ Just so you know. vehicle1 is not anymore the vehicle you created. After you run _vehicle1 = _grp addWaypoint [_mkrpos, 0]; vehicle1 is a waypoint. It might be a problem later if you want to call the vehicle1. I recomend using another variable for the waypoint like _wp1 or something.
  8. Should I take that as a challenge? ;) But thanks...should have really started editing in vanilla to avoid these kind of things...
  9. This is a relevant question for me. I have been using some objects from an addon (@aiatp) in the editor in a mission I've built. So are you saying that there is no way I can load these objects from the mission folder somehow so that the mission would be standalone in vanilla?
  10. It seems like you are not actually grouping the units/vehcles, but rather they are given waypoints as single units and the fact that the land vehicles stick together is more likely a coincidence. The chopper gets his waypoints and heads straight there not regarding anything else. If you want to group the units then try with the join command. However this will probably not help with the chopper since it will fly straight to its waypoint anyway. How about skipping the grouping thing and just using doFollow on all the units telling them to follow vehicle1 and then give only vehicle1 the waypoints? I dont know if it works but thats what I would try.
  11. Just to check, you are using the latest version of DAC right? 3.1 I think it is. I have managed to get some choppers to spawn and I'm not sure why you are getting this problem all the time. Does it happen even if you make a huge zone?
  12. Altsor

    HVT spawning issues

    Not sure why it doesn't work. Try putting sleep 3; before the waitUntill. Maybe he didn't become alive before the check started since he is created in the same script without delay. Just a theory.
  13. Altsor

    co10 Escape

    Just wanted to say that this is an awesome mission and I have had alot of fun for a long time playing it! So huge thanks to the developers!! :) One question, why is the night so goddamn dark?. Even though its a moonless night, usually you can distinguish the ground from the sky, or see a house that is right in your face. Is there anyway to add a little more light? ;)
  14. Altsor

    HVT spawning issues

    Cool that it works! Pretty nifty script Did you change anything in KauppaPekka's code or what was the problem?
  15. Altsor

    HELP About Addaction

    Whatabout something like this? (see changes in bold) I still dont really understand the creating of a "M_Titan_AA". Can you explain this?