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  1. Hi all, it's the second time that my save game file is corrupted. I go to my house, sleep and save, quit from game by save & exit, but when i try to load the scenario, arma3 quit to desktop and there is no way to resume the scenario. this is very frustating! I play scenaio WITHOUT ANY MOD and i launch arma3 with elevated privileges! none know a workaround or a way to fix this issue?
  2. twombly

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    We have to delete this file also on client or only on server? Thanks. EDIT: I've re-download all dlc and addons folder from client and it works! Thank you all!
  3. If you running without mod, try removing this params into your cfg file "voteMissionPlayers ". It solved for me.
  4. twombly

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I've installed a linux virtual machine with 1.90 to test the issue, with the 1.88 I've no problem, but I've the same issue in a hosted to hetzner server. this is the linux command to launch the server without any config (same result also with config file) (mod are CBA, ACE and TFAR downloaded from workshop) ./arma3server -mod=mods/450814997\;mods/463939057\;mods/620019431\; this is what happens when I try to connect to server (nothing happen, I can wait also 1 hour without any change) Here the client rpt Here the server rpt I've try also with PERF mode (from v00 to v05) but nothing change. Is there any other try to do?
  5. twombly

    1.90 update - Troubleshooting

    I note this params cause me a issue in a Linux server without mod: voteMissionPlayers
  6. I've try with all subversion of the 1.90 perf (from v00 to v05), but did not solve.
  7. Same problem here. Please tell us how to fix. Thanks.
  8. twombly

    Helmet Mounted Displays MOD

    Hi! I've a little issue with the blackfoot. The manual say: Gatling 20 mm GUN (Renamed XM301) - Can be zeroed between 100 and 3000 meters. - Can be automatically zeroed if LASER ON and the gun has LOCK ON to it. that's ok, but, if I try to zeroing the gatling at 3000 meters, the bullet don't goes over 1500/1800 meters, instead if I lock the target with the laser, with the auto zeroing, the bullet goes around 2100 meters (also if the target is at 3000 meters). another issue: if I use the hmd in multiplayer mission, the laser is not present and also can't change the countermeasure mode. That said, I love this mod and I can't fly without! I have just a little suggestion: one way to change the color and the brightness. sometime, with a clear sky is too difficult to see. Bye and thanks for the great work.