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  1. I thought I solved it, because when I removed the brackets, started up a second instance of arma and joined my own lan server, it works. But not when my friend from outside the household joins. Weird. "script.sqf" is just an example. I run several of them. One that sets briefing notes, one that changes the loadout of a couple of AI mission targets etc. But nothing that should mess with spawning and nothing I haven't used before. Now Im thinking maybe it is Kunduz. Because all my other missions on other maps works. So im trying to redo the whole mission on Malden instead. EDIT: SOLVED, in case someone runs into the same problem and googles this, check my original post.
  2. Solved it. Somehow putting [] execVM "script.sqf" in init.sqf causes this. Removed the brackets and all is back to normal. EDIT: ok nothing is solved.
  3. Made a mission like always. Hosted a listen server. My friends join the lobby. We start. Im on the ground as a soldier like normal. Friends are seagulls above their soldier. The ace nametag thing above the soldiers says "error: no unit." I have like a thousand hours in the editor and I have never run into this problem before. My own troubleshooting: I turned respawn off, since seagulls come with the respawn, it still happens. I started up a second instance of arma from my own pc and joined to rule out if my friends had other versions of something, it still happens. When the non-host comes to the point where the map should be visible before mission start, it says "could not connect to the positioning system" or whatever, but all the soldiers I placed have a map so it's like they don't get their gear even. Im thinking maybe something just glitched tf out and I should try to redo the mission with a fresh start. Anyone have a clue? Mods used: CBA ACE3 ALIVE TFAR RHS ASR_AI Kunduz. SOLVED When using doStop in MP on playable characters, all except the host become seagulls. This happens in total vanilla too. I sent a bug-report to BIS.
  4. I cannot get it working either. I do everything that is in the .pdf. I put the text in my init.sqf file and the other text in a description.ext, and extract the folder that followed. But I get an "filename empty" error.
  5. Yo, how do you set the task destination? ["MoveToRoad", "Move to road.", "CREATED", getMarkerPos "road_marker"] as it says in the documentation does not work. I get some kind of "undefined variable in expression" error. Maybe something changed with the latest Arma updates.
  6. I get THIS when I start my mission with alive activated. Can anyone explain?
  7. I heard setCaptive was bad to use that way. Some people say AI that has already seen something as "setCaptive true" will keep seeing it that way, even after "setCaptive false". Like, it only work properly for AI that hasn't seen you. But I will try it and see what happens. :)
  8. I make missions for my small group of friends. We have this one guy who really likes flying helos, so I made a mission where he can fly around and give us CAS, then refuel/restock ammo and stuff. The thing is.. Every single enemy on the whole map turn their gun upward and fire at the helo, making it impossible to stay in the air for more than a couple of minutes. And it also lags the shit out of the server. So I was thinking.. Is it possible to make the enemy AI stop firing at the helo but not take away all the realism? Like, they only fire at the helo if it is, say 50 meter away? Or worst case, just fire at the pilot if he exits the helo? Anyone care to help? Im no scripting expert, I mostly just use pretty basic scripting.
  9. Hail, son of Odin. Your scribbles of knowledge helped me finish my mission at least! Skål. :beeeers:
  10. Geez this looks complicated for a simple thing. Can't BIS just do a addactionglobal? I have a mission where players must click "Use Radio" on a radio to call a helo at the end of the mission and I cannot for the life of me get this to work in MP environment. It works only if the host does it. How I have it setup: In a trigger when all tasks are complete: activateRadio = [[radio1,["Use Radio","evac.sqf"]],"addAction",true] call BIS_fnc_MP; First thing in evac.sqf: radio1 removeAction 0; None of this work for other players than the host. How would you do this the simplest way?
  11. This is really weird. I run pretty basic simple scripts that adds gear and stuff to boxes and cars. Lately I have noticed that those scripts run very slow, maybe the correct word is "lagging". Mods used are the RHS mods, CUP Terrains, Alive and ACE3. For example in run this at the start of my mission: execVM "carsandboxes_loadout.sqf"; ///Removes default gear in cargo of cars and ammoboxes and replaces it with other stuff. sleep 10; [rank player, name player] call BIS_fnc_infoText; sleep 3; ["C R O S S R O A D S", ""] call BIS_fnc_infoText; sleep 3; ["Central","T A K I S T A N", str(date select 2) + "." + str(date select 1) + "." + str(date select 0)] call BIS_fnc_infoText; The first string of infoText runs normal. But when it comes to the second row it runs really slow, one letter appearing at a time slowly. Then it feels like all the scripts for the rest of the mission also run slow. This also runs slow (the animation lingers for a long time): ["TaskSucceeded",["","Location cleared."]] call bis_fnc_showNotification; Yesterday played with my friends we were waiting for a helicopter to come extract us after a battle. I put a "sleep 600" command before the helicopter should spawn. This worked flawlessly a couple of weeks ago. Yesterday the helicopter never came. It is like the sleep 600 command had become a sleep 10000 or something. We gave up after 40 minutes of waiting. I have also seen this when I spawn three groups of enemy AI with a "sleep 20;" command between each spawn. I counted to 35 before the next group started spawning in, not 20 as I put in. I did some detective-work and found that if I removed "[group this, getPos this] call BIS_fnc_taskDefend;" from all my enemy AI groups the scripts lagged less, but it is still running slow. However, I cannot solve it. Have anyone else noticed something like this? Is it something wrong with my scripts maybe? Is it something weird with the mods lately? Is it an Arma-update that messed something up? EDIT 1: Nevermind, I found the solution just now. I had a mod activated that I wasn't aware of, simple as that. The Swedish Forces Pack-mod does something strange to my game. EDIT 2: ...Aaaand now they fixed it.
  12. You do not gain much hard disk space compared to AiATP. I deleted all maps except Takistan, Chernarus and Zargabad from CUP_Terrains and after that, it is the same size as ALL of the AiATP maps together. In other words, now we get three maps for the same hdd space as 15 before. But I guess that is what happens when you add better quality stuff.
  13. Does anyone know if Bornholm is indexed now btw? It was not working last time I tried, which was in may or something I think.
  14. Tried again today and now suddenly it works. I can shoot the gunners off the car again. I must be going insane because I SWEAR I shot a technical gunner in the face with the RHS M16 with several mags. Im just going to blame Arma for being Arma lmao
  15. But they die and fall off the cars when I have placed them myself. It is ONLY when ALIVE has spawned them in that they are invulnerable. Yes, totally invulnerable. I have tried shooting the gunner in the face with three mags, there is blood splatter and all. You have to blow up the whole car. And it is the same with ALIVE-spawned static guns, I noticed today. I had to hit the static gun with several M203 grenades so that the gunner himself abandons the gun, then you can shoot him and he dies accordingly.