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  1. Hello, there is a bug when player can delete .pbo file but leave .bisign file in addon's directory (@...) and server will let him play anyway. Is there any built-in mechanism to to kick players who use this bug? For example, For server with server.cfg: verifySignatures = 2; requiredSecureId = 0;​ BattlEye = 1; onHackedData = ""; onDifferentData = ""; onUnsignedData = ""; regularCheck = ""; and required addons @ace, @cba_a3 with .bisigns, player can just delete few addons files (for example , ace_balistics.pbo, ace_advanced_balistics.pbo, ace_weather - it's wind deflection system, night\day temperature and pressure shooting modifiers, etc.) and play on the server with enabled "verifysignature" and "regularCheck" options. In this case player will have an advantage over other players. That's just an example - with another mod set advantages can be much stronger. best regards p.s. excuse for public but that was answer of ur techsupport ([bI-RT #123451] FAQ) - all bugs, suggestions etc should be posted here
  2. yep, there is a small instruction in the file
  3. tfdef

    Aftermath Rush Gamemode [BETA]

    Hello, is there any way to get a server side scripts source code? :) best regards,
  4. 0.4.1: minor update - Updated BuildCFG function: now it's pretty simple to add support of your own vehicle class / vehicles from mods; - Updated example map (now it's ready for multiplayer); - Submarines at now is a subclass of ships; To add custom vehicle class (vehicle should be in cfgVehicles anyway) now it's enough to edit only two strings: 1) first of all add your class to the end of allowed vehicle classes array at the end of string 63. 2) now add your class to one of the subclasses array at string 77 (for cars) or 80 (for ships) or 83 (air) or 86 (armored) or 89 (autonomous) or 92 (support). 3) done.
  5. Hello, Virtual Vehicle Spawner-0.4.zip Now it's fully compaitable with RHS (due to cfgVehicleClasses in version of rhs). You can run it with or without RHS mods. RHS vehicle classes attached to next VVS vehicle spawn classes: CAR: - vanilla Car; - rhs_vehclass_car; - rhs_vehclass_truck; AIR: - vanilla Air; - rhs_vehclass_aircraft; - rhs_vehclass_helicopter; SHIP: - vanilla Ship; SUBMARINE: - vanilla Submarine; ARMORED: - vanilla Armored; - rhs_vehclass_tank; - rhs_vehclass_apc; - rhs_vehclass_ifv; - rhs_vehclass_artillery. AUTONOMUS: - vanilla Autonomous; - rhs_vehclass_aa. SUPPORT: - vanilla SUPPORT; - rhs_vehclass_targeting; - rhs_vehclass_launcher; - rhs_vehclass_radar; Best regards, [TF]def
  6. Hello, patch for rhs ( rhs vehicles). Apply it over Virtual Vehicle Spawner 0.3 version. Best regards, [TF]def