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  1. craig29592

    Standalone JTAC Script

    I don't if its ok with the author but here is code part anyways: init of mission: #include "Includes\common.inc" call compile preprocessFileLineNumbers "EPD\VirtualJTAC\init.sqf"; enableSaving[false,false]; FIX_LINE_NUMBERS() Info("Init Started"); //Arma 3 - Antistasi by Barbolani & The Official AntiStasi Community //Do whatever you want with this code, but credit me for the thousand hours spent making this. private _fileName = "init.sqf"; scriptName "init.sqf"; if (isNil "logLevel") then {logLevel = 2}; if (isNil "isSystemChatPostingAllowed") then {isSystemChatPostingAllowed = false}; Info("Init SQF started"); //Singleplayer is no longer supported if (!isMultiplayer) then { ["noSinglplayer",false,1,false,false] call BIS_fnc_endMission; }; enableSaving [false,false]; mapX setObjectTexture [0, "Pictures\Mission\whiteboard.jpg"]; Info("Init Finished"); description: #include "MissionDescription\master.hpp" OnLoadName = $STR_antistasi_mission_info_panthera_mapname_short_text; OnLoadMission = $STR_antistasi_mission_info_panthera_blurb_text; briefingName = $STR_antistasi_mission_info_panthera_mapname_text; overviewText = $STR_antistasi_mission_info_altis_description_text; loadScreen = "Pictures\Mission\pic.jpg"; overviewPicture = "Pictures\Mission\pic.jpg"; class CfgDiscordRichPresence { applicationID="819852407265034260"; defaultDetails=""; defaultState=""; defaultLargeImageKey="panthera"; defaultLargeImageText="Antistasi Plus - Waterways"; defaultSmallImageKey="arma_3_logo"; defaultSmallImageText="Arma 3 Custom Scenario"; useTimeElapsed=1; }; class CfgFunctions { #include "MissionDescription\CfgFunctionsContents.hpp" }; class CfgNotifications { #include "MissionDescription\CfgNotificationsContents.hpp" class JtacReloadNotification { title = "JTAC"; // Title displayed as text on black background. Filled by arguments. iconPicture = "a3\ui_f\data\gui\cfg\communicationmenu\call_ca.paa"; // Small icon displayed in left part. Colored by "color", filled by arguments. iconText = "1"; // Short text displayed over the icon. Colored by "color", filled by arguments. description = "%1"; // Brief description displayed as structured text. Colored by "color", filled by arguments. color[] = {0.153, 0.933, 0.122, 1}; // Icon and text color duration = 5; // How many seconds will the notification be displayed priority = 0; // Priority; higher number = more important; tasks in queue are selected by priority difficulty[] = {}; // Required difficulty settings. All listed difficulties has to be enabled }; }; class CfgSounds { #include "MissionDescription\CfgSoundsContents.hpp" }; class CfgDebriefing { #include "MissionDescription\CfgDebriefingContents.hpp" class End1 { title = "V I C T O R Y"; subtitle = "Panthera is Ours!"; description = "The population of Panthera loves you!<br/>The brave rebel soldiers have proven their valour, and Petros, Panthera's new Prime Minister, could at last to have a nice holiday. A well deserved rest for everyone involved."; picture = "n_inf"; pictureColor[] = {0.0,0.5,0.0,1}; }; class petrosDead { title = "Petros is Dead"; subtitle = "Petros is Dead"; description = "Congratulations! Petros is Dead. Now with rebels without a leader, you may think about joining them, and free Panthera"; picture = "b_unknown"; pictureColor[] = {0.5,0.0,0.0,1}; }; class destroyedSites { title = "Panthera is Destroyed"; subtitle = "Panthera got Destroyed by CSAT"; description = "One third of the population in Panthera has been murdered by OPFOR.<br/>Panthera no longer exists, nobody wants to live here."; picture = "b_unknown"; pictureColor[] = {0.5,0.0,0.0,1}; }; }; part of mission.sqf (unit I play): class Item14 { dataType = "Object"; class PositionInfo { position[] = {5534.9717,61.62156,5433.2886}; }; side = "Independent"; flags = 5; class Attributes { init = "this setVariable [""JTAC"",true];"; description = "For king and country"; isPlayable = 1; class Inventory { map = "ItemMap"; }; }; id = 50; type = "I_G_medic_F"; atlOffset = 0.00012207031; }; rite now I am playing antistasi , but all multiplier missions doesn't call in the ordinance, I placed the epd file in the mission folder, unchanged from the download. Thanks a plenty.
  2. craig29592

    Standalone JTAC Script

    Well sorry I am not dis-ing your mod or anything but I added the code in Description.ext , added the call code in initserver as well as init client and added init in player (the JTAC,true thingy) , please point me in right way what else I should do, there are no errors, the addaction works , but when I call in the ordinance nothing happens, both while using laser and map marking; I think the mission maker has blocked all other scripts and modules, to get proper working of his mission. I am just not able to integrate into this popular mission. Thank you. I usually play single player on dedi server so I request you to suggest me on how I can make this great mod work in all missions no matter what. Thank you . The bomb vectoring is also a great addition; lots of patience is involved in it.
  3. craig29592

    Standalone JTAC Script

    not working in dedi server; it adds the add action menu but doesn't bring in the rain! Followed all the mentioned steps. If you plan on fixing please don't use modules ,there are tons of those already. Thank you.
  4. Hi, can you implement carrier permanent base (with ability to position it wherever) ; I tried to do so but all the helis land at single nearest to module helipad and collide with another heli parked there , so all helis get destroyed. I tried adding a WP to move to and land at position of helipad placed away from the module but if that heli got destroyed it's back to square one i.e collide and burn. Please share how I can do this or implement in your next update. And also would be great if you made it compatible with antistasi MP, liberation MP, BECTI MP; you know like for doing recon , sling load, found supplies back to base etc I sort off fixed respawn of helis of different faction by coping old grp and spawned vehicle using bis_fnc_spawnVehicle, but after one or two respawns multiple groups of same heli started top spawn, Please see if you can refine it Thank you
  5. craig29592

    Apex DLC is not recognised

    I can't get in the game to play after connecting to dedicated server; hosted on same PC using TADST ; I am stuck in loading screen. Anyone Please, pretty Please help me with this problem, i'll be really grateful for it.
  6. craig29592

    Apex DLC is not recognised

    Steam shows that apex is installed check marked The arma 3 main menu also shows it is available and all assets are working fine in editor, SP and campaigns; but when it comes to dedicated lan apex is not recognized and doesn't load into the game. Please help!
  7. craig29592

    Apex DLC is not recognised

    <a href="https://imgur.com/aJ2L3U4"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/aJ2L3U4.png" title="source: imgur.com" /></a> If not able to view the image ; it is LAN menu in which at the bottom right corner where all dlcs and mods are shown, that's where Apex has a red icon next to it; and I think due to this I am not able to load into game and get stuck on loading screen. <a href="https://imgur.com/aJ2L3U4"><img src="https://i.imgur.com/aJ2L3U4.png" title="source: imgur.com" /></a>
  8. craig29592

    Apex DLC is not recognised

    Done that, reinstalled the game, deleted the old profile, tried everything
  9. craig29592

    Apex DLC is not recognised

    I have bought most of DLC except contact and global,but apex even though its is installed and shows the icon in arma 3 main menu it does not seem to recognize in MP or dedicated server ; as it shows red icon next to Apex dlc in the LAN connect menu,It was working before but today all of a sudden I am getting this problem,Please help me; This is the only game I play!
  10. Hi shay_gman, very sorry but I am getting Error in expression <]] call ace_common_fnc_canInteractWith} > Error position: <> Error Missing ) and cannot use team switch . I cannot add any resources to the base. Suppose if I da resource raid mission and bring all the resource to base and try to add it, the resource just disappears. Please help