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  1. Hey can someone tell me where i can report a dayz server for taking money and giving out game changing things. The story i joined this said server and told them they could not take money from people with out a part of the Server Monetization, even with it they cant give out perks that affect gameplay. I was then told to shut up and then banned from the server. Server Name: Sub Zero Overpoch Server Address: Proof of http://http://prntscr.com/qt63n1 http://prntscr.com/qt63to http://prntscr.com/qt640n Thank you
  2. Hello! We have chosen to pick up the pace and bring our Altis Life Server Live. We have a really good team of staff to support this decision with both running server experience and Administrator experience. Me (Cookie) And Respawn has worked really hard on getting the server up to where it stands now. Here is a little list of what is added: Fully functionally and Capture gang hideouts (With Map markers of which gang controls what). A lot of map customization such as Athira/kavala: Police station, Hospital, Shooting range. Custom Prison, or i would like to call it Alcatraz as well as customized police headquarters. As well as a few Rebel hideouts spread across the islands. (With and without rebel air). Balanced prices on weapons, vehicles and houses. UK Police force with UK police skins. Open able Vehicle doors on such as the Ghost hawk. Boats got more weight so they can also be used for transport of illegal and legal materials for more variety of vehicles that can be used for such ( Drugs, Minerals, Lumber) You name it. There is also a lot more but we want our players to experience the servers fully for themselves! In development, Coming soon: Level and perk system - Allows the players to enhance their abilities when they do one thing certain amount of times. For instance if they pick x units of cocaine, they will be able to pick that 2x faster, Or pick locking vehicles 2x faster. Might add Dynamic Market in the future aswell but i will see how peoples react to it. What we can offer you as a player: The Absolute Gaming community will offer you a unique experience while playing on our servers with great peoples. Fair admins and a nice staff (You will only meet good and nice peoples in our staff ranks). Experienced staff with experience and successful servers from Arma 2 and Arma 3! Enjoyable game experience with a lot to do and great role-play. This is a strict role-play server and we want to keep it that way so all our players will be happy, We will enforce the rules as strongly as we can to get rid of any peoples trying to break this great experience for us. A Stable and Lag free server with great DDOS protection! Server Information: Server IP: Teamspeak IP: ts.agcn.co.uk Website: http://agcn.co.uk The Only thing we expect in return from our players is good behaviour and a lot of fun! Welcome to Absolute Roleplay, where Roleplay is born! Change Logs: Our Changes Some Images from our server.
  3. well all i'm hearing from my mate that is helping me test it is static when ever he talks or i talk. We are using the TFAR from http://radio.task-force.ru/en/with out editing anything
  4. @nKey Is there going to be a Supported Teamspeak version update to 3.19.1 + ? The team speak i'm running is on and it will not allow me to connect to it using 3.0.14 Thank you
  5. I have tried CBA & TFAR only and still get the same, as before tried local hosting, still the same Maybe this can help out. The teamspeak i'm connected to is - and my client is CBA Version is Community Base Addons v1.20 TFAR Version is Task Force Arrowhead Radio 0.9.8
  6. My Client logs are here http://pastebin.com/XiwLzzY2 The one thing i saw was 23:50:09 Unable to get file version size: E:\Steam Games\SteamApps\common\Arma 3\@task_force_radio\task_force_radio_pipe.dll
  7. This was happening to me when i was using it with the exile mod, the only way i could get it to stop doing thay was to downgrade my CBA, after then it worked just fine.
  8. what does it mean when i can hear my mate who is standing next to me, but we cant hear each other over the radio, We just hear the tone but not voice comes over
  9. Hi, Alright scrap them last 2 questsions. I got it to work on exile but now im faced with a new problem, my team speak client log is giving me the error of task_force_radio Info can't center client : invalid clientID I also cant hear my friend when he talks, and he cant he me when i talk. did i do something wrong?
  10. Right after many hours of testing, Ive found its not teamspeak. it has to do with sides im using the exile mod, if there a way to set the frequency's for resistance side (Independant)
  11. Hi, Maybe someone can help me out. But it seems the server is connecting to team speak then disconnecting. I get an error in game that says "waiting for the unique radio from server" then i get renamed in teamspeak to my game name and the plugin on teamspeak says "Task Force Radio Status (0.9.8):Connected Y Play Y P:0.9.8 A: 0.9.8" after the waiting for the unique radio from server has gone away the status changed to "Task Force Radio Status (0.9.8):Connected Y Play N P:0.9.8 A: 0.9.8" My server rpt is http://pastebin.com/UJhvGTiU Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you