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  1. Hi, First, thank to @Wyqer for continuing this mission dev :) What are your thought about the planned but never released extra feature as shown in Zbug Trello ? https://trello.com/b/FfUXrHn1/liberation-dev Like the class system to enforce loadout, the progression system to access better gear, the bobcat extended role, the commander use or the mission progression screen. Is some of them/all on your roadmap ? Are you planning some new kind of secondary mission ? Thx
  2. Thx for porting this on a new map. Are RHS mod pack, Ace & ACRE2 optional in your mission ?
  3. Tetsel

    Feedback Thread

    Everybody was a bit to much, but I didn't find a single feedback from players, testers, devs or press that say that the fps they've try didn't give them some motion sickness (except for rail shooters) because your eyes see you walking but your body do not feel like that. Also dev something on VR is not being on the verge of gaming technology, it's a bet on a market, if the tech do not work: oups, if it succeed well you can dev a game in mature environment, why should BI rush on this tech when the hardware is still on dev and expensive ?
  4. Tetsel

    Feedback Thread

    I thought everybody agreed based on feedback that VR for FPS is terrible, that's why only rail shooters are available. Also "motion gaming" was a "technology used these days in the market" we all know how it ended. AS far I see Project Argo is a more fast paced, small scaled, tactical shooter than arma, in the armaverse, not sure it need all the progression systems/killstreak/lockedgun that others have it encourage selfish gameplay etc... custom outfit/loadout on the other hand is only about fight with swag and theorycrafting about the best gear to use, ho and more maps.
  5. After playing few hours on your version here some feedback: - Infantry reinforcment are ok, the use of the Viper units and paratrooper is ok. - I hardly got some armored vehicle to deal with, I know Tanoa is not the best for heavys tuff, but I remember seeing more Tigirs on the Altis version. I encountered 1 Kamysh on an ennemy base on normal settings, it's not enought I think. - There is not enought sky interdiction on normal difficulty. Tigris, AA troop, jet spawn. - We reach 100% alerte level, and we got no counter attack, no fob attack, no extra armored/vehicle, only more Viper on capture point. - Once we got a extra big spawn ( the big question mark) and we saw nothing, cause it was kamysh+infantry, on another island... Those should be air only, with CAS Jet and attack heli. Note: Played on standard setting and probably on "not the last version" so if you modified some stuff, just ignore :)
  6. Apple in your version if you want to use the new MQ-12_Falcon Bluefor UAV you need to add its classname to this line, in the classnames.sqf or you'll not be able to connect to it. if ( isNil "uavs" ) then { uavs = [] }; uavs = [] + uavs + [ "B_UAV_01_F","B_UAV_02_F","B_UAV_02_CAS_F","B_UGV_01_F","B_UGV_01_rcws_F","B_T_UAV_03_F" ];
  7. Yup it works, it's not permanent but it works, if the flag builder log off and reconnect flag have default texture back. Build a custom one last night, reconnect this morning, flag is there with default texture (Flag_White_F) I just have to raise the flag at every connection before going to fight for the glory of my unit, but that's fun :) Is that what they call roleplaying ?
  8. Hey Applejakerie thank you for the Tanoa version we have a lot of fun with it ! :) btw I would like to apply some (one actually) custom texture to flag I can build from FOB but I didn't figure out where to set up the SetFlagTexture command, any idea ? if possible.
  9. Can't wait for a modless vanilla version of this mission for Tanoa to run on some DS :)
  10. Seems a lot of mission have issue displaying marks on Dev Branch, Invade&Annexe have randomly the same issue, some people see them other don't.
  11. It's listed in server browser, mission still a bit buggy tho
  12. The map only is available on Dev Branch if you bought Apex already. Came accros this server tonight.
  13. No feedback to be made. Just cheering up for Zbug \o/ Can't wait the final version to play the full campaign again. Keep up the good work man !
  14. One month we're playing this mission and we're still enjoying it ! Altis total liberation is close !
  15. Moar request for moar classname to be included in official build :) ["usaf_f22",0,500,75], ["USAF_F35A",0,600,75],