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    GSTAVO's Weapons

    Very good! This is a best weapon, "from mid from may raid"
  2. @Heizanjs you have tried install roadslib.cfg? Ex: you_map\data\roads\roadslib.cfg
  3. select all objects and set Absolute height = 0
  4. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Tanoa assets?

    So with a paid version of Mikero's tools, can I extract the .ebo files? If yes, where can I get a license?
  5. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Buldozer takes no key or mouse input

    Go to the TB settings and change the path from buldozer64 to 32 bits and see if it works.
  6. I reinstalled the bulldozer because of this problem and it did not work! Someone can tell me how to solve this? I also can not move, climb, approach using the keyboard, only the keys "F1, F2, F3 ..." are working. - -
  7. The map: The map: New map created by ViruzDeath and support of the entire BSOC community and members of UNSUNG. Thanks for the help of all and we can finally release a public version but also for testing, so this version is not final and may be changed: vegetation, relief or objects villages sometime during this testing period. Info: Size: 10KM - 10KM Vegetation level: very dense Village's: 5 Military Base: 1 Airfield: 1 River's: Yes, several branches. Images: http://imgur.com/gallery/Wyv38 Addons requeriments: CUP - Core Apex Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=751512203 Changelog ------------ 21/08/2016 - Ver. 0.1: Released! 25/08/2016 - Ver. 0.2: Fixed: Objects that were flying around the map. Fixed: Command in config.cpp Fixed: Positioning of trees Fixed: Road Positioning along the map. Added: "Tent hangar" in Juruna Airbase Added: New commands in config.cpp Removed: useless commands in config.cpp 07/09/2016 - Ver. 0.5: Fixed: Objects that were flying around the map. Fixed: Positioning of trees Added: Alcatraz Village 02/03/2017 - Ver. 0.5.1: Fixed: ACRE ERROR Message. Special thanks to Razorback and Barden from Unsung mod for giving me tips on how to do it!. Consider take a look at our facebook page and website (PT-BR). Thanks a lot!
  8. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    Version: 0.5.1 Released today, fixed acre error and now download only from steam workshop. Thanks everyone!
  9. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    Version 0.5 Ready to download :)
  10. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Mogadishu Map v2

    nice job!
  11. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    New update today: 25/08/2016 - BETA Ver. 0.2
  12. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    Ok, BETA released ! I'm waiting for feedback from you guys!
  13. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Question about some arma 2 CUP objects.

    http://cup-arma3.org/downloadCUP my friend ! :D
  14. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    Hi DonbassCz :D ​They are the apex, when I launch we hunt anaconda together ! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  15. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    More screens and new ground texture! Military Base preview: Mariana's Village: The airfield (unfinished) '
  16. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Water color !

    How do I change the color of the rivers? I want to make an inspired Brazil and want you to be the same way down!
  17. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    more screen and Unsung Vehicles on my map !
  18. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    [WIP] BSOC Brasil - Beta Released !

    I'll leave it with part of the last details to be worked out.
  19. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Water color !

    How make this?
  20. Thank you for answering Mr Tom_48_97. I decided to remove all the files and install again recently and so I can not give you the bad workdrive log can ensure that the paths were correct and no logical solution was effective. I was just trying to correct the installation of the bulldozer as it was crash to visualize my map. Thank you for coming to help me, can consider solved this topic.
  21. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Water color !

    Ok, thanks my friend!
  22. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Water color !

    but the water is still blue and clear!
  23. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Buldozer Problem

    Hello g50st, For you to solve this problem, I need you to confirm that the P Drive is mounted! P Drive mounted? Ok, make sure this folder is in the place indicated by the image: If all folders and files are in place and still the error occurs, reinstall the bulldozer!
  24. ViruzDeath_BSOC

    Iraqi-Syrian Conflict

    Nice work man, you made my day more funny!