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  1. HoubaCzech

    Ask us anything!

    In the future stream will there be a Twitch chat finally enabled?
  2. HoubaCzech

    Level design feedback

    This ladder in AA Base (Raid) is climbable. Is that okay?
  3. HoubaCzech

    Ask us anything!

    Twitch chat is off?
  4. HoubaCzech

    Level design feedback

    I must admit. The first Link map was very pretty, but current Link map offers really enjoyable gameplay.
  5. HoubaCzech

    Ask us anything!

    Když na tom makáte samí ÄŒeÅ¡i tak se zeptám Äesky: :) Jak je to s respawn Äasem (u Linku)? Jak se to poÄítá? NÄ›kdy je respawn hned, nÄ›kdy po dlouhý dobÄ›. ÄŒasto se mi stane, že kolo zaÄne ale já se jeÅ¡tÄ› nemůžu respawnout. ProÄ?
  6. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    Oh, really? That's interesting... How did you find out?
  7. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    New locations gonna be there soon.
  8. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    Alright, I assume you tried having health as in Arma and it didn't go well. :) But at this time, when you are shooting somebody in the chest, he has so much time he just carefully aim for your head and doesn't bother with your fire. I think this time window is unreasonable large at the moment... <_<
  9. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    Also thought that. Maybe they will do something about it before the release.
  10. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    After playing for a few more hours I'm really getting annoyed by the players' tougness. It needs to connect about half a mag to kill players. It's much easier to spray and pray for a head. Suppression doesn't work at all. Not to mention grenades are useless at the moment. Imho fixing health should be priority number one.
  11. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    Good points. However I disagree with the first one. Most of my Link games lasts about 30 minutes. It depends. If you have much better/worse team than opponent, then you win/lose in 5 minutes. I think there are many poeple who will and who won't like Link. Many poeple like strong strategy play and/or don't mind time. Many poeple rather enjoy fast deathmatch or shorter rounds.
  12. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    When we talk about the future price. If it will be paid or for free... I'm afraid that paid game would be very unsuccesful. There are plenty of (good) FPS games that are free and if Argo wants keep up with them, Argo should be free.
  13. HoubaCzech

    Feedback Thread

    I also thought that.
  14. HoubaCzech

    No longer on Google Play

    Is it still possible to download this app? I found it quite interesting but now in 2016 it is no longer in the Google store... :(