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  1. Vitio

    Arma 3 with mods(.dll) working in Proton

    Perfect, it's running like a charm now, thanks for the tips. Haven't done any extensive tests yet and have not much hope for TFAR anyways, but at least ACE is running fine. I needed to copy and set native two more DLLs though before it would start without complaints: api-ms-win-crt-private-l1-1-0.dll ucrtbase.dll
  2. Vitio

    Arma 3 with mods(.dll) working in Proton

    Game works fine, no audio issues, but still have the mod dll problem (ACE, TFAR). Can you describe the last step in case I'm doing something wrong? I copy the imagehlp.dll from a Windows 10 installation "C:\Windows\System32\imagehlp.dll" to my “/path/to/steam/steamapps/compatdata/107410/pfx/drive_c/windows/system32” and still get the usual missing ace_advanced_ballistics_x64.dll error.
  3. Animations from the start don't work well with MCC because of a sync coming up a few seconds into the game. I fire up any animation roughly 10 seconds into the game when every client has synced with the dedicated server, then the animations work like a charm.
  4. Works like a charm! I only had to adjust a couple of brackets and the last part, since an exploding IED also sets the armed variable to false before it goes apparently. _realIED = device getVariable ["realIed",objNull]; _realIED spawn { //give some time to MCC init to catch up waituntil {time > 20}; if (isnull _this) exitWith {systemchat "error: NO IED DETECTED"}; while {_this getVariable ["armed",false]} do {sleep 1}; sleep 5; if (alive device) then {hint "IED disarmed";} else {hint "Boom";}; }; Thank you very much shay_gman.
  5. Hello, I'd like to include the IED Mini Game (Using the IED Module, linking it to object) into one of my missions and need to be able to distinguish between 1: The countdown has started (some player attempts to disarm the bomb) 2: The disarming process failed (bomb explodes) 3: The countdown has stopped (the bomb was disarmed) with triggers. Number 2 I can do, I just set a trigger to !alive bombObject. But the other two I have no idea how to do. Is there an 'armed' variable, 'defuseSuccess', 'countdownStarted' or something I can use as a global variable? Thank you very much.
  6. You might be right, this could have been better in the mission ending and scripting session, but it does use ACE3 functions, so I wasn't sure. Anyways, thank you for the reply. Yes, the 4 players are all players ingame, so the first way should work perfectly, but I cannot test it until after the weekend (need an arma capable machine). For the OR syntax way... of course! If the variable is nil, it would make sense to put isNil in front and check for alive status. I must have been dense to not see that. Great explaining and easy to understand, thank you SilentSpike!
  7. So I have this problem that is so simple, I have no idea why my solution doesn't work. I want a trigger that ends the mission if all players are unconscious at the same time. Assuming we have player p1, p2, p3 and p4. Easy enough to do with This works for me. But what if not all 4 players are playing? If p3 doesn't exist, he cannot be unconscious, hence the trigger never fires and we do not want AI to take his place. So I thought a simple logical OR should fix this like the following: So either the player exists and can be unconscious returning a 'true' or his variable is not defined, making isNil return a 'true'. But this doesn't work as I thought and if a player doesn't exist, this trigger will never fire, and I have no idea why. The operations by themselves work like a charm. So my next idea was getting every player into an array and then doing the endMission trigger check on that array. The following Code I found puts all players into an array _units: One could put this into a trigger that is always true, checking every .5 second for this and updating the _units array. Now my problem is that I have no idea how to create a trigger that checks those array elements for unconsciousness and ends the mission if all are true. Would that be something like: I realize that local variables cannot be put into a trigger, but that can be fixed. So my two questions: Can anyone explain to me why the OR operator doesn't do what I think it should do and perhaps has a solution? Is the way of the array a good thing to start and how to make it actually work? I am obviously not very good with code, I gladly appreciate every help I can get. Thank you guys.
  8. Vitio

    Co-12 Lights Show (Altis)

    Thank you for this mission, we played it last wednesday with with 8, two squads with 3 people and the sniper spotter team with ASR AI3 and Ace 3 mods. Because we're not very good, I removed the non-transport Helicopter, thought that a bit much. The ending was nice, indeed nobody saw that one coming.