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  1. -Providing something new to the RP community- Divinity Gaming will be opening a new server that will excel in the community or RP, as we are using some very special mods to help push the RP experience that players can enjoy. Our team has been working around the clock to build up a server that will explore the Aussie map, combined with the custom Arma Life RPG infrastructure. A custom mod that takes players into a whole new RP environment. It was our mission to provide something bigger, something better and something new. With custom content, mods, designs and opportunities, we are here to provide to you what others can't, a great RP experience. We have brought together a strong, passionate and driven team of developers who are here to provide you with the greatest RP experience, it's our goal/mission to listen to our community, take feedback and provide them with the responses they deserve. Our staff team is under strict regulations to provide you with the support you need, the direction you seek and the help you require. Civilian White-listing This will ensure our community holds the best of the best, seeking out those who care and being rid of those who don't. Custom Content We provide custom content to our player, which include cars, clothes, buildings, weapons, etc. Strict Law Enforcement We have see a lot of corrupt forces, and we will not allow that to become an issue. Our law enforcement will be under strict guidelines & training Role-Play Experiences No more being stuck on what to do, we are going to provide players chances to seek out much more RP opportunities that don't revolve around violence, killing, kidnapping, robbing, etc. "MORE" is our motivation and the answer to a great RP experience. Companies We will allow our players to create companies that can access the ability to push RP to a higher level, gain the power to run a corporation, and provide players a fun and entertaining RP experience. Gangs Gangs can either cause havoc or join forces to help protect and serve. Or maybe your goal is to build an empire to control areas of the map. We will provide gangs who seek it, the opportunity to own their own gang hideouts/HQ's, which can be equipped with discounted stores, garages, etc. Houses We have a lot of opportunities for houses ranging from a small apartment to a mansion, players can use their hard earned money to purchase the luxury life within the server. It's your money, and you want it now! So do what you'd like. Airports Our server is using a massive map, meaning who got the time to drive when you can fly? Open up an airline to help transport civilians across the vast map. Operate private jest for those of higher class and be part of a growing business. The sky now becomes your world! Government Feeling like becoming a government official? Well our server will run on a strict and expansive Government system. Players can run for President, Governor, Congress, etc. To help establish new laws/rules, decide where funding goes, etc. The server will start with a certain amount of money supplied to the Government, they will decide where it goes (Business Spending, Emergency Upgrades, City expansions, etc.) Opportunities for growth It doesn't all stop there, we have great opportunities for players to grow in the community from member to Head Admin. We like to see those involved push themselves further, being able to be rewarded for their hard work and dedication to our community. Join us today! - Staff Positions are open TeamSpeak: | Website: Divinity Gaming Status of Server In-Development, public launch coming within this coming week 09/3/2015 - 09/13/2015 CHECK IT OUT! PROMO VIDEO PROMO VIDEO 2 |CIVILIAN| Vehicles have been updated Clothing has been updated Sounds/Audio have been updated (cars, sirens, weapons, atmosphere, etc.) New system has been put into place
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    Australia Version 5.09 Release

    Incredible map! But the only issue im having is it wont load road texture and runway texture. Any idea on how to fix that? Thank you!
  3. Major updates were added to our server, don't wait around looking for a server. We are pushing a fun, exciting and custom server. Come check it out!
  4. Welcoming Merges and Teams hosting : Altis Life Divinity Gaming is looking to host an Altis Life server, we are welcoming any community or group that would like to merge with us and have us host the server on our powerful box. We have a growing community that continues to grow day by day and would like to expand. Right now we have a customized Arma 3 Life server running, and have enough room for an Altis Life server. If you are someone who is interested in having an Altis Life server than we would be interested in speaking with you about hosting it. As the hosting community, we would not take charge of the Altis Life, YOU or YOUR team would be the initial owners of the server and be provided the tools needed to maintain the server and create the information needed for the server. Although our staff will have access and opportunities to make changes and addons, you will be in charge of setting up the server and customizing it to fit our community. We provide to you: -RCD access for you to access and edit the server -Staff positions -Dedicated hosting, which is maintained by our developers -Altis Life forum section -Assistance to the server if needed -Tools for the server Requirements to have us host it: -Register on our site -Must have a team of 3 (One must be a developer) -Must be able to properly edit & customize the server to fit our style -Must be knowledgeable with servers and maintenance -Must be able to commit time to the server -Must be responsible, trustworthy and mature Our Website Our TeamSpeak: -Come speak with us on TeamSpeak or msg us on our website for more info, or to submit Team-
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    Soligaming.com Altis Life RP server!

    Pm'ed you regarding your community and your plans
  6. -Recruiting Developers- If you or someone you know is a developer, looking to be part of a friendly, hard working team we could really use the help. We have gotten very far in development, but having extra pair of helping hands would be extremely helpful. We have a lot to offer our Developers and provide a comfortable environment for them to work. We will even provide software and tools to developers who need it. Please visit our community or TeamSpeak to find out more! TeamSpeak: | Website: Divinity Gaming
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    I can make missions for you

    Just messaged you, hope to hear from you soon!
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    Looking for 1-2 Devs & Map Editor

    This is a repeat ad, which is not allowed on the forums. You already have one posted regarding this same exact thing. That is very unprofessional for recruiting and that will turn people away instantly, I highly suggest you drop this idea as it's not going to work out for you.
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    Soligaming.com Altis Life RP server!

    PM'ed you
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    Looking for game mode programers

    PM'ed you
  12. No they are not, I am a part of this server recently and can tell you they have done their own personal development modifications. So far I've liked this server way more than any other server, and I was a staff member for critical gaming and this one is going in a much better direction.
  13. Thank you for the support! I am someone who is passionate about things, and will follow through to the end. That's how I am in work, life and gaming haha