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  1. bwhitlock

    AI Spawn Script Pack

    has anyone made an RHS version of this?
  2. bwhitlock

    [Co-25] Drongo Altis Campain - NATO

    If I want to change the allied AI units spawning in to RHS units which file do I update. Also where can I find rhs classes
  3. Number 3. There is a conflict with alive when you hit ctrl and click on map. The Alive marker wants to pop up when you want to add another waypoint in high command. Cant seem to change the key binding.
  4. ok having problems with the mod. I watched the vids and it looks like you can set hc groups on the fly without the modules in the game. The problem is I dont get those menus like create hc group. When I create a mission with the commander and subordinate module pre-done I get the menus but then Im pre-syncing everything. Does anyone have a test mission I can try.
  5. bwhitlock

    Vcom AI V2.0 - AI Overhaul

    when I start the showcase mission I get the message aisettings.sqf not found