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  1. celludriel

    Arma Reforger - Mission Editor

    I"m already excited it's a full object oriented language now instead of a functional script SQF was. Not that SQF was bad, I'm just a programmer that enjoys OO. I do however think that due to the added complexity of having a full blown programming language and dev toolkit we need a good way to share scripting information. - Subforum would be nice - There is already a discord apparently what is the server ? - Are there any old Arma 3 scripters that have big plans ?
  2. celludriel

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    There is a bug in liberation in there for a long time, when you get shot down in the huron and it ends up in the sea, it is not fully destroyed. So not fully destroyed means it never respawns. Here is how you fix it waitUntil { sleep 1; if(underwater _mhq) then { _mhq setDamage 1; }; !alive _mhq }; Where _mhq is the huron given as parameter and this scripts runs as a heartbeat.
  3. Why not make this a configuration parameter for the mission ? The chance an opfor has intel you can set it from 50, 60, 70, 80 90, 100. Then it's up to the people playing the mission how easy it is to fetch intel ? I can imagine some people don't have the patience to talk to a gazillion civs before anything happens in the mission.
  4. celludriel

    Script manual in maintenance

    hehe nothing specific now, I just need the biki for reference when I'm going to start coding :)
  5. For the past two days now when I try to lookup a method in the script library I'm getting the maintenance fallback page. Does anyone know for how long it will stay in maintenance ? Did they release any news about it ?
  6. celludriel

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    This works but I can't test it now, I'm at work, I think this disables everything also the useful radio messages when you are not dead and the squad sees hostiles. It's up to Bohemia to fix it properly I'm afraid :(.
  7. celludriel

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Well the bug is that the guy taking over command keeps spamming that he is the new actual. There is the argument that when the revive system is working you aren't actually dead but incapacitated and the command role of the squad shouldn't move yet. It seems to be a BI issue though. I had a small brainfreeze on the github comment, it's all there, I must have been looking in a wrong repostiory of zbug. It's all there :). I might take a fork once I get home so I can add some convenience scripts me and my friends use and keep it synced with any changes you'll make in the future.
  8. celludriel

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    2) There is a possible workaround. It works twofold: - Instead of giving it an order to attack the vehicle you could give it an order to move towards it. If that doesn't work either, you could get the Location from the position of the vehicle and let them approach the location that will work for sure. - When an AI is in a 5m radius of the MHQ you could write a script that blows it up and then post a message to all players "AI has found <<mhq id>> and destroyed it promptly" So technically the AI doesn't really attacks it but you simulated the destruction. You could argue it was going to happen anyhow so lets just help the AI a bit. 3) As soon as you are incapacitated the problems start once you respawn it persists for a few seconds then your avatar takes command and it stops. Your squad chooses an AI that becomes the new squad leader and he starts giving out orders. This can lead to annoying situations. What we tend to do is put tanks at possible reinforcements locations and put an AI in the gunner and commander position. However when the ai takes over command he starts getting into the driver seat and our roadblock gets messed up. Or free AI's get into our chinook and start flying our MHQ off it's just a hassle fixing it all the time. If this is the default BI revive system there must be a bug at their end. I wasn't averse to the old Farooq's revive system though. I'll add the issue to the bug tracker. Any reason why you don't put the code on the github as well ? I recommend the gitflow method should you put it on there :) https://www.atlassian.com/git/tutorials/comparing-workflows/gitflow-workflow
  9. celludriel

    [MP][CTI-COOP] Liberation (continued)

    Wyqer, Me and some friends are revisiting liberation after your first re-release from zbug. I'm glad you kept out any addons from the vanilla version and it still works without any of them. We have been playing with the three of us on our private server and have some feedback that might make the mission a bit more interesting. - The garrison script is equally a blessing as a curse. It's fun when you first start out in the town and you have to check the windows and such for snipers. However when you are down to the last one or two guys to take out it gets tedious having to force look through each building. So we have to steep to just calling in AI support to get the upper hand in the town so we don't lose hours searching each building. Especially the big cities. So here is a proposed solution if a zone stays active for x amount of time (could be configurable) The garrison units un-garrison and lay up an ambush in the center of the zone. This should be technically possible if you keep a tick count from when a zone gets active and you have the location of the center of the zone by ways of the allmarkers function. - MHQ are to safe, when you buy a hemmt MHQ and drive it up to the edge of town and don't occupy it the AI ignores it completely while you would think an MHQ is primary target. You could attach a script to the spawning of a MHQ that pings if there are enemies in a 50m maybe a 150m radius. This ping could be every 10 seconds so you don't destroy the server performance. Once AI get pinged you could give an order to that AI to go hunt that MHQ and blow it up. Also make sure to give it explosives the moment you issue the order, so they always have something to blow it up with. - M4 Scorcher spam, once you have an artillery and don't care about civilian casualties, you could technically lower entire towns to clear them out quickly. I always liked to put something in liberation that as soon as the players own an M4, the game scans for it every 10 minutes and then gives a 25% chance to spawn an airgroup of A-10's with as mission taking out the M4 scorchers on the map. This to prevent players cheesing through the map with the scorcher. - Civilian reputation gain is pretty low. Once you lose civ rep, getting it up again just by treating wounded civs is nearly impossible. I propose a new sidemission "Rescue the hostages" where for x amount of intel you can do a mission saving some hostages, giving you 25% positive civ rep. - There is a bug with the revive system when you are leader of a squad and you get incapacitated the squad keeps spamming i'm the new actual , i'm the new actual ... not sure if this bug is fixable due to abusing some engine mechanics to get the revive system working, but it would be appreciated if this could be fixed :) I'll take a look myself over the weekend how the revive system works and if it can be helped. There is still more room for improvement but these are the things I always felt the mission really needed to be more accessible for low amount of players and got give the AI a bit of extra edge. Glad to see you are still maintaining it greetings Celludriel
  10. celludriel

    [COOP-10] Stratis Simple CTI

    Well after a playthrough I found two bugs that needed fixing. Fix for slingable armory being able to be damaged InfiniteInventory weapon duplication bug fix I released version 2.2.1, sorry for the quick releases but I rather have these bugs squatted ASAP
  11. celludriel

    [Release] Infinite Inventory

    After a play session in my mission where I incorporated Infinite Inventory I stumbled on another bug. If you had weapons of a complex variety in your backpack and you added them to the inventory they didn't get properly removed from the player inventory. This caused item duplication, I made release 1.0.2 fixing this bug. You find the new links in my updated post above
  12. celludriel

    [RELEASE] ColorPalette

    Nicely done Larrow, works like a charm. There is one thing that makes me cringe though. Only one functions sqf file that is over 1000 lines long brrrrrrrrrrr Extract from the clean code book: http://www.itiseezee.com/?p=119 I know not all can be applied to sqf due to the nature of the language but still :)
  13. celludriel

    Jets - HUD improvements

    Well the reason why it is green in real life is because pilots need to have 10/10 vision and they can read green in all circumstances. Us gamers on the other hand don't have 10/10 vision most of the time. In order to keep the games fun, we use other colors that our vision allows us to see and keep the games fun. I for one do not like flying into a blue sky, and not see any of my hud information and like it to be red or black to distinguis the green from the blue. So arcade-ish ... maybe, but it keeps it more fun for most of us.
  14. celludriel

    Jets - HUD improvements

    I would love it if you made the huds colorable this time around. Depending on the time of day, you sometimes can't see anything with the default color. Most flight sims I flew in the past had a way to colour the hud from green to red to black. Depending on the flight situation that helped flying the jet. So please give us the option to color the hud dynamically inflight !
  15. celludriel

    [COOP-10] Stratis Simple CTI

    Version 2.2.0 is now released. Not much of a change you might think but this had a lot of work with it. I first had to write a complete new library to handle some kind of infinite inventory and then implement it in this mission. Still we now have a nice fully functional armory that can contain an unlimited amount of items. Infinite Inventory implemented for slingable armories