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  1. May I recommend making the AIM-7 and AIM-54 only be accesses-able by the RIO, all he does is sit in the back and lase at the moment at best use the I-TGT
  2. As we know the V 44 can load a Marshall inside but I wonder if there are any plans to let it sling other vehicles such as the Mora, BTR and Gorgon. The Gorgon and Marid being obvious choices as they would likely weigh around the same weight. The other one is loading crates for airdrop. That is all.
  3. zcrazyx


    Looks awesome! Was apart of CSG-11 as well as 16, I have flown many aircraft in Arma as well as in real life, yet to log jet hours irl though :). Just wish I could fly it now :(
  4. zcrazyx

    USMC Aircraft (AV8B/AH1/UH1)

    Any chance of a TAV-8B?
  5. Update? I think it would be cool to add the EOD suit similar to the one in The Hurt Locker.
  6. Thanks!, it's working now
  7. AWS? Is that a dependacy? if so i didn't see it mentioned.
  8. I get an error involving 'no model' but i can spawn it with mcc/zeus however when i do that the weapons do not appear.
  9. They have it on the blackfoot, pilot can lock controls from the gunner but the gunner can take control if the controls are unlocked.
  10. zcrazyx

    A-10C for Arma 3

    I can't use any switches with any key combination set up in the controls but to double check what do i need to assign the key to? also to install you just drag the @ file in and then open with the A3 launcher right?
  11. Yes but my point is that even with the T-6 Texan mod as the instructor you can lock the controls...
  12. Makes no sense considering it can be flown from either front or back
  13. How would the instructor be able to see what you are doing in a aircraft with a front seat/back seat configuration? Could add it to both seats in case for demo flights say formations etc the front seat could have it but if the instructor was in the back seat he could set it to each mode? (Both get option but instructor gets priority)
  14. For training aircraft you could put the service menu to the instructors seat
  15. speaking of switches and stuff will the gauges and mfds (multi function displays) work?
  16. Will the T-45C have the correct start up and shut down procedures if any at all? I would help you but i'm only a civil pilot with ratings for tail wheel and high performance aircraft so i do like realism. :) Another thing, will the F18C be released without the start up features first and then be updated later to include the start up procedures? Also, make sure that T/AV-8B Harrier looks sexy, wouldn't want to be disappointed with one of the most British aircraft in the pack ;)
  17. So i have downloaded the Superhornet mod (V1.9) and the UI for the speed etc is not working, it is currently using the default arma 3 interface for vehicles as well as the afterburners being binded to the right rudder input key and also the hook auto deploying and retracting itself, please help as this is affecting a server me and a friend have set up.